FAHS Minority Fellowship Program Information

About the FAHS Minority Fellowship Program (MFP)


MFP Fellows Volunteer at Father Joes Village in San Diego, CA 

The FAHS MFP Program, a workforce development program that was created to increase the number of culturally competent marriage and family therapist researchers, teachers, and practitioners, who will increase mental health and substance abuse services to racial and ethnic minority populations and underrepresented populations, is partially funded through a grant from the Substance Abuse for Mental Health Administration. Through contributions to the Foundation for the Advancement of Human Systems (FAHS), using the donate button (above), you can join our program recipients in impacting racial and ethnic minority populations and underserved populations through expanding the delivery of culturally competent mental health and substances use services.

The FAHS MFP Program has been recognized by SAMHSA for being a program of excellence in leadership, mentorship, and development (2011). Recently, in The 2023 White House Fact Sheet report, the Biden-Harris Administration, recognized the need and support for the program to continue to increase the number of culturally competent and diverse practitioners in the mental health field, identifying and serving racial and ethnic minority populations, and underserved populations (The White House, 2023). The press release, with subheading, Building the Pipeline of Black Health Care Providers, mentioned, "SAMHSA will also announce new funding to support efforts to recruit future mental health professionals from Historically Black Colleges and Universities and to expand the Minority Fellowship Program to support more Black Americans joining the mental health workforce." Click here for more information about the report.

MFP Goals:

  • Expand the delivery of culturally competent mental health and substance abuse services to underserved minority populations.
  • Increase the number of culturally competent Marriage and Family therapists.


  • Provide financial support and professional guidance to graduate students pursuing degrees in Marriage and Family therapy.
  • Provide a fellowship program open to Marriage and Family Therapy students who are committed to research about and service to ethnic minority and underserved populations.

AAMFT Foundation MFP Fellowships:

For specific eligibility criteria and program information on all three of these fellowships select the appropriate Fellowship page.

FAHS Minority Fellowship Program Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday

9:00 AM - 5:30 PM EST

Contact the FAHS Minority Fellowship Program

email: MFP@humansyst.org

main office number: 703/838-9808