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Mental Health Disparities
What Does Neurodiversity Mean Today?
Mental Illness in Older Populations

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Call for Topics

Although we are always open to a variety of article themes, we are currently seeking to cover the following topics:

•  Anxiety

•  Couples issues

•  How a mental health provider in a school setting (or out-of-school program) can assess whether a student poses a threat and when to call in police

•  How can an MFT working in a school setting, or after-school setting, contribute to policy for a non-profit or school district?

•  Guiding parents (or group of parents who are reaching out for help) whose children are terrified about an event (e.g., shooting) or situation (climate change), including young children who hear about the event or situation

•  How to "be" in a world that faces such massive problems (climate crisis, pandemic and likelihood of future ones, violence, disinformation, rise of authoritarianism)

•  Paths toward healing when multiple members of a family die, when stressors are cumulative ones--they pile up and are not resolved (i.e., Pauline Boss's work on stress and coping)--the idea of personal adversity nested within national adversities nested within global adversities

•  Any topics seen through the lenses of world-wide stressors: violence (in its multiple forms); COVID-19/potential future pandemics; natural disasters due to climate crisis

•  A majority multiracial society

•  Bullying issues of LGBTQ+ kids

•  Eating disorders

•  Body image and the media (impact on teens and young adults)

•  Peer pressure

•  Issues emerging related to tech/smartphones/internet
•  Parental expectations (sports, school, other competitions)
•  Sexual well-being

•  Sexual violence

•  Cancer and remission

•  Childhood illness and its impact on the family

•  Specific diseases and support groups

•  Family caregiving--sandwich generation/chronically ill or disabled child who will require lifetime care
•  Serious mental illness

•  Family-owned businesses

•  Single parenting

•  Blended families

•  Recovery after medical procedures

•  Consulting

•  The part-time therapist

•  Western privilege – Looking at our abundance today in contrast to rationing (such as during WWII); pondering what living in such a way would mean; if we are only allowed so much transportation a year would we move far away from our families of origin? Would western nations ever be able to institute rationing without a resulting rebellion, if such ever became necessary? In light of recent shortages of gas, goods, and services during the pandemic and climate issues, what impact does this have on our western mindset? Are we prepared for mental and emotional turmoil and times when we may not have all that we want or need?

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