The AAMFT Podcast Live Series

The AAMFT Podcast is an all-access pass to the latest news, developments, and thought leaders in the world of systemic therapy. Hosted by Dr. Eli Karam, it strives to relate, educate, and innovate one episode at a time. The episodes explore topics that relationship-based therapists care about, and features unique conversations and interviews with established experts. The show provides information and education on direct practice and emerging trends in the MFT profession. Available wherever you listen to podcasts! 

The AAMFT Podcast Live features interviews with authors from the Handbook of Systemic Family Therapy, a ground-breaking reference work on both the profession and the practice of systemic family therapy. Order at

Each session is free and offers one hour of continuing education. Live sessions will be recorded and released as episodes later. Continuing education is only available for the live sessions.

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Past Episodes

These sessions are over. Recordings will be released as future episodes of The AAMFT Podcast.

Families in Chronically Unsafe Environments
Gwyn Daniel

Gwyn Daniel is a systemic psychotherapist and trainer at the Tavistock Clinic in London, England. She is the author of the chapter "Families in Chronically Unsafe Community Environments" in the Handbook of Systemic Therapy. During this interview she will discuss the impacts of trauma, political violence, and dislocation on family life, and interventions that aim to strengthen family and community connections and sustain hope in contexts of extreme suffering and despair.
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Systemic Family Therapy and Global Mental Health: Reflections on Professional Development and Training
Laurie Charles & Saliha Bava 

Laurie Charles and Saliha Bava are the authors of a chapter in the Handbook of Systemic Family Therapy titled "Systemic Therapy & Global Mental Health." During this interview they will talk about the necessary skills and relational process when family therapy is taken outside of our borders, the language of global mental health, and integrating "respectful curiosity” into clinical training and practice.

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A Systemic Conceptualization of Interventions with Families in a Global Context
Mudita Rastogi

Mudita Rastogi is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, grant consultant, coach, and educator and an associate co-editor of the Handbook of Systemic Family Therapy and author of the chapter, "Systemic Conceptualization of Interventions." In this interview, she will discuss systems thinking in a global framework, effective interventions with underserved populations, and the psychological and relational effects of oppression and power imbalance on client systems.

Letters to the Field: Working Therapeutically with African American Youth, Families and Communities
Karlin J. Tichenor and Corey E. Yeager

Karlin J. Tichenor and Corey E. Yeager are co-authors of the chapter "Letters to the Field" in the Handbook of Systemic Family Therapy. In this interview, they will define historical trauma and its influence on African American client systems and why African Americans seek therapeutic services at a lower rate than white counterparts. They will discuss the importance of story-telling as a belief system that indigenous Africans and African-Americans have passed down intra- and inter-generationally, and how MFTs can integrate cultural sensitivity into clinical training and practice with African American client systems.