Chris Michaels
Chief Executive Officer

Melanie Gibson
Chief Operating Officer

Amanda Darnley
Chief Strategy Officer

Roger Smith
Chief Advocacy Officer/General Council

Rick Ramirez
Chief Financial Officer

Anya Plana-Hutt
Member Services Manager

Cami Soliven
Program Coordinator

Carter Eike
Component Program Manager

Cecile David
Director of Membership

Celeste Zbikowski
Evaluative Membership Manager

Christopher Kelm
Member Engagement and Marketing Specialist

Darlene Schubert
Director of HR

Dawn Berry
Director of Events

Dorothy Bose
Approved Supervisor Designation Manager

Edan Yeshigeta
App Development Manager

Emily Brown
State Government Affairs Specialist

Erin Weeks
Member Services Specialist

Haben Tecle
Administrative Assistant

James Punelli II
Director of Ethics and Legal Affairs

Jessica Turner
Programming Manager

Kamaria Mason
Marketing and Communications Manager

Keith Williams
iMIS Operations Manager

Kimberlee Bryce
Director of Publications

Maggie Zhao
Cloud Operations Manager

Maricela Trinidad
Member Services Specialist

Megan Lindsay
Programming Specialist

Melanie Moore
Events Manager

Nia Downie
Marketing Coordinator

Neal Sombke
Advocacy Coordinator

Patricia Barton
Government Affairs Manager

Rachel Gallagher
Associate Counsel

Riana Roberts
Member Services Specialist

Sabrina Moorehead
Director of Technology

Shari N. Olarte, MA, CAE
Director of Governance

Taylor Fields
Web Administrator

Vanessa Bradden, LMFT
Product Development Specialist


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