AAMFT Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity Statement 

“Diversity is a reality of life reflected in the broadest spectrum of the many different ways that individuals identify and exist in the world. Inclusion is acknowledging and appreciating the reality and value of our diversity, intentionally enlisting and engaging the spectrum of different identities and experiences, and respecting what each person brings to the organization.

“We acknowledge that societal power structures, tensions, and complexities related to diversity contribute to disparities in power, control, influence, status, privilege, and opportunities among individuals and groups. Therefore, our commitment to inclusion involves the continuous identification and effective elimination of barriers to access to association roles, resources, and relationships, and to creation of systems of excellence that promote equity for all.

“It is a core value in AAMFT to support, promote, and protect diversity, to value all individuals and groups as free from prejudice and oppression as possible, and to foster a climate where equity and mutual respect are intrinsic.  

“By appreciating the importance of inclusion, we acknowledge that the collective and individual talents, skills, and perspectives of members, constituent groups, and partners foster a culture of belonging, collaborative practice, innovation, and mutual respect.

“Diversity of thought and inclusion of new ideas and perspectives can help us increase creativity, generate new ideas, enhance problem solving, and increase flexibility, productivity, and effectiveness.”

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