Display Your Credentials with AAMFT Digital Badges

Digital badges are an easy way to show potential clients and employers that you are committed to the highest standards of systemic training and ethical treatment principles. AAMFT is committed to helping you improve your digital presence and has partnered with Credly to provide badges to members who have achieved the advanced designations of Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervision status.

Badges can be added to your website, resume, email signature, and social media platforms to enhance your digital presence and show off your achievements and verify your qualifications and the process required to earn them. Credly badges represent achievements valued by employers, students, your peers and prospective clients, and help you tell your professional story in a way that is complete and validated.

Preview the AAMFT Badges

                                        Clinical Fellow Designation

The AAMFT Clinical Fellow Designation indicates a therapist has completed
the rigorous training standards for independent practice of marriage and
family therapy and are held to the highest ethical standards. Clinical Fellow
Designees demonstrate specific education, clinical training, and supervision
in systemic marriage and family therapy. AAMFT Clinical Fellow Designation
is recognized by the US state licensure boards and worldwide as the
standard for education and training in systemic therapy. 


                                Approved Supervisor Designation

AAMFT Approved Supervisor Designation is the highest and most prestigious
designation in the MFT field. Our Approved Supervisors fulfill stringent
education and clinical training requirements to achieve this designation.
Becoming an AAMFT Approved Supervisor demonstrates a strong commitment
of developing one’s supervisory skills as well as helping the next generation of systemic family therapists. It is recognized globally and accepted by most US state licensing boards requiring MFT supervision.


                                       Certificate of Leadership 

The Certificate of Leadership program is an 18-month program designed to
strengthen leadership and communication skills among MFTs. The program
utilizes a mixed modality of training methods and culminates in a self-designed research and reflection project. Past participants have gone on to hold leadership positions in leading universities, public policy institutions, community health agencies, as well as private and non-profit industries. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know if I earned a badge? 

All AAMFT members with the designation of Clinical Fellow and/or Approved Supervisor have been issued a badge. You will receive an email notification from admin@credly.com with the subject You’ve earned a badge from American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy. This will be followed by several reminders if you have not yet accepted your badge. 

How do I claim my badge? 

AAMFT will issue the badge via email from admin@credly.com which will look like this:

Why should I claim my badge? 

The Credly Digital badge is a web-enabled way for AAMFT Clinical Fellows and Approved Supervisors to share their professional achievements, experience, and credentials to others. You can embed the badge on your email signatures, website and resumes and share in different social media platforms. Credly badges represent achievements valued by employers, students, your peers and prospective clients. Badges managed through Credly will help you tell your professional story in a way that is complete and validated. 

What can I do with my Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervisor badge? 

Badges are digital assets used to communicate a learning achievement or credential. Credly badges link to metadata that provides context and verification. They can be shared across the Internet for maximum visibility and recognition.  Badges are a standard to recognize and verify learning. A badge communicates three things without sacrificing verification or context. 

  • Who did something?
  • What did they do?
  • Who says they did it?
You can earn a badge for lots of different things, from many different organizations. What makes the badges issued to you from Credly unique, is that they represent achievements valued by employers, students, your peers and prospective clients. Badges managed through Credly will help you tell your professional story in a way that is complete and validated. 

How do I share my badge on my website or other digital platforms?  

You can share your badges with anyone through digital platforms, including on social media, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and via email signature or embedded in a website. 

Here are helpful links to instructions on how to share, attach or embed your digital badge.  

Here is an example of how Dr. Laura Frey, an AAMFT Professional Member with the Clinical Fellow and Approved Supervision designations, displays her badges on her website!

Are there other benefits of a badge?

Representing your skills as a badge gives you a way to share your abilities online in a way that is simple, trusted and can be easily verified in real time. Badges provide employers and peers concrete evidence of what you had to do to earn your credential and what you're now capable of. Credly also offers labor market insights, based on your skills. You can search and apply for job opportunities right through the Credly platform.  

How does my certification get displayed as a badge? 

We have partnered with Credly to translate the learning outcomes you've demonstrated into a badge. The technology Credly uses is based on the Open Badge Standards maintained by IMS Global. This enables you to manage, share and verify your competencies digitally. 

What's to keep someone from copying my badge? 

While badges are simply digital image files, they are uniquely linked to data hosted on the Credly platform. This link to verified data makes them more reliable and secure than a paper-based certification. It also eliminates the possibility of anyone claiming your credential and your associated identity.


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