AAMFT Political Action Committee

Like other mental health professional groups, AAMFT has a voluntary Political Action Committee (PAC) that contributes to Congressional candidates who support MFT issues and helps to advance the MFT profession. Having a PAC increases the ability of AAMFT to advocate for initiatives that benefit AAMFT members and their clients.

The AAMFT PAC can only receive donations from AAMFT members or their families who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, not from AAMFT itself or other sources. Therefore, in order to help advance the profession in the United States, it is important that eligible members contribute to the AAMFT PAC.

What is the AAMFT Political Action Committee (PAC)?

The AAMFT PAC is a Political Action Committee established by AAMFT to support candidates for elected office. Donations to the AAMFT PAC are used to make contributions to candidates. 

Why does AAMFT have a PAC?

AAMFT, like most national organizations, have found that a key to successful advocacy is to provide financial support to candidates who support MFT initiatives.

What is the purpose of the AAMFT PAC?

The political purpose of the AAMFT PAC is to contribute to candidates who are supportive of MFTs and MFT issues.  

Who receives support from AAMFT PAC?

The AAMFT PAC is nonpartisan. The PAC contributes to federal candidates of both parties, based on factors emphasizing candidates’ support for policies that would assist MFTs and their clients.

How do contributions help?

By pooling contributions from many members and focusing our donations on candidates in key decision-making positions, the AAMFT PAC is able to highlight the public policy views of MFTs as a group.

Who can contribute to the PAC?

Only AAMFT members or their families who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents may contribute. Under federal law, AAMFT members or their families who are not U.S. citizens or permanent residents are unable to contribute to the PAC. However, these members can contribute to AAMFT’s Practice Protection Fund.

How do I contribute?

Members may contribute to our PAC by logging in to the AAMFT website and clicking on the PAC link. You may pay by personal check or major credit card. PAC contributions are not tax-deductible, and corporate funds cannot legally be accepted. Please note that members have the right to refuse to contribute to the PAC without any reprisal. 

For more information, contact AAMFT’s Government and Corporate Affairs Department at (703) 838-9808, or advocacy@aamft.org.

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