Strategic Portability Effort

AAMFT’s Board of Directors has voted to move forward with a strategic portability effort that will identify barriers to license portability and work to mitigate them, with a goal of creating a much easier process for those within the profession. This effort will take place in several phases, with target states selected for each phase based on: barriers to MFT licensure portability; number of MFTs potentially impacted; interest of MFTs in working/migrating to the state; client population; legislative body receptiveness; and grassroots and professional services support.

To begin this process, AAMFT has secured a research firm to conduct extensive MFT licensure portability law research and analysis and support the identification of key focus areas for this strategic portability effort.

Additionally, AAMFT wants to hear from you! On the ground perspective and experience is vital to any major advocacy effort, and information from MFTs regarding their experiences with licensure portability (both positive and negative) is essential to the success and impact of this strategic portability plan. Please take this brief survey to tell us more about yourself and your experience.

Interested in more information about AAMFT’s planned efforts? Click here for FAQs about AAMFT’s portability efforts.

More information and resources on AAMFT’s strategic portability effort will be added to this page as they become available.

39% of MFTs indicate getting licensed in multiple states is one of their main frustrations. AAMFT has launched a strategic portability effort to ease the licensure portability process across the U.S. More than ever, it is important that the MFT license is strong and protected to support our vibrant profession. As the only national association representing MFTs in United States, the work of AAMFT and its members is vital. Yet, AAMFT Professional Members only represent 22% of the MFT licensees and an even smaller percentage are active in advocacy efforts. Please consider making a donation to the AAMFT Practice Protection Fund to support this work.

 Join the Family TEAM!

The Family TEAM is AAMFT's grassroots advocacy network, free for AAMFT members to join. This network will be integral to initiating legislative and/or regulatory changes to state MFT license portability practices.