Student Liability Insurance FAQs

Who is eligible for free student liability insurance?

As a special benefit to our student members, student liability insurance is provided free of charge to current student members of AAMFT who reside in one of the 50 US states.

If you are not already a student member but are enrolled in a graduate level marriage and family therapy or related mental health field program and would like to join to receive the free liability insurance and other membership benefits, please click here to join now!

Am I covered automatically?

Yes! After enrolling with AAMFT, student members will automatically be issued a professional liability insurance policy. Look for a separate email in your inbox from CPH & Associates titled CPH AAMFT Students Insurance Policy Confirmation which includes your certificate of insurance (proof of coverage). CPH can only issue a policy if a valid US mailing address is provided. Students who purchased their membership prior to December 12, 2022 will need to manually register here: CPH Allied Health Individuals (

When am I covered?

Coverage is available to AAMFT student members solely while performing marriage and family therapy services related to their Master’s degree or Doctoral degree marriage and family curriculum in their graduate practicum. Coverage terminates when the student graduates from the program, or when their AAMFT membership expires. The AAMFT membership expiration date is the policy expiration date. It is vital that you renew your AAMFT membership before your expiration date to continue coverage. The coverage time period remains connected to your membership dates, regardless of when you complete the sign up on CPH's website through the special portal link.

What coverage does the policy provide? What activities does it cover?

The AAMFT student policy is designed to provide registered AAMFT students with professional liability protection while performing therapeutic services (e.g. practicum) related to their marriage and family therapy curriculum. This policy will pay for defense against covered claims and provide professional liability limits up to $1,000,000 per claim, and a $3,000,000 annual aggregate

Who is covered?

AAMFT student members are eligible for coverage when they are enrolled and engaged in clinical Master’s degree or clinical Doctoral degree at a post secondary institution. Coverage is available to AAMFT student members solely while performing marriage and family therapy services related to such a curriculum.

Who is not covered?

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists or other licensed professionals are not eligible for coverage under this policy. Individuals who are post-master's or post-doctoral working under supervision towards a license are also not eligible. If proof of coverage has been received by an ineligible AAMFT student member in error, there is no coverage afforded to that member under this policy. AAMFT recommends contacting CPH and Associates for professional liability insurance at Individuals who have graduated with their master's or doctoral degree but have not transferred out of the student membership category are not covered by the student insurance. CPH will also not issue more than one policy for the same person, so if you already hold liability insurance through them, they will not issue another policy.

What is professional liability insurance?

Professional liability insurance covers the insured for amounts up to the limits of liability that insureds become legally obligated to pay as a result of a claim for negligent acts, errors, or omissions arising out of a covered incident.

Who do I call in case of a claim?

In the event of a situation that could lead to a claim or suit, please contact CPH and Associations at 1-800-875-1911.

What happens after I graduate?

Coverage under the AAMFT Student policy terminates on the date you graduated from a masters or doctoral program. CPH and Associates offers Post-masters and Post-doctoral coverage at a discounted rate. You will be contacted by CPH 60 days prior to your graduation with the form necessary to upgrade your coverage to protect you while you are working under supervision towards a license. Please make sure to also transfer your AAMFT membership to the next category so that you will be eligible to purchase appropriate coverage.

Is my insurance still free once I change membership categories?

Student membership is the only category that includes free liability insurance as one of the membership benefits. After you graduate, you may upgrade coverage directly with CPH and Associates to ensure you are covered during the next step in your professional career. It is our understanding that CPH will not issue coverage to individuals who are not part of AAMFT or another professional association. CPH & Associates offers discounts on insurance to eligible members in our other membership categories.

Do you have a similar offer for student members in Canada or anywhere other than the US?

Unfortunately no, we are currently only able to offer the free student liability insurance to members in the 50 US states. We do not have an affinity arrangement with any other liability insurance companies.


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