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Event Registration - At Home Series: Maurizio Andolfi, MD

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Friday, May 07, 2021
In recent years, three methodologies of Couple Therapy have grown significantly: Cognitive-Behavioral, Psychoanalytic and Emotionally Focused. Very different in theory as well as in practice, they deal with couple dysfunctional dynamics ignoring or dismissing the possibility of enlarging the frame to include in therapy other significant family members. Our intergenerational approach, following the seminal ideas of Bowen, Williamson, Boszormenyi_Nagy and Framo aims to include In therapy either symbolically and physically members of the family of origin of each partner (parents and siblings) as well as their children in order to evaluate the quality of the intergenerational bonds and activate family resources.

Learning Objectives:

  • How and when to invite for special session members of family of origin as consultant of the therapist
  • How and when to invite the children of the couple in crisis as consultant of the therapist
  • How to work with the couple in order to restore mutual trust, respect and intimacy

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