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Sensate Focus Mindful Touch

Speaker: Linda Weiner
CE Credits: 1.0

This course is provided by the Couples and Intimate Relationships Network; find out more and how to join at

Warning: This webinar contains mature sexual content. Viewer discretion is advised.

This workshop is designed to add a skillset to assist therapists in addressing couples' intimacy and sexuality difficulties through the addition of Sensate Focus touching experiences. These "at home" touching experiences, developed by Masters & Johnson, form the foundation of sex therapy, but Sensate Focus can be a useful technique to build emotional connection and trust even without the existence of a diagnosable sexual dysfunction. The workshop will: identify the conceptual underpinnings of Sensate Focus, define its connection to mindfulness and somatic therapies, explore its integration with relational therapies such as EFT, describe in detail the general protocol for Sensate Focus touching, present modifications for a variety of common sexual difficulties, and illustrate modifications for diverse client populations.

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