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How to Resolve Toxic Discourse

Speaker: Michael Gottlieb Today's increasingly partisan political climate and the division it sometimes engenders creates unique challenges for family members who find themselves on opposite sides of a particular issue. Mental health professionals must navigate between and among disputing family members, while managing their own views, thoughts, and feelings in the therapy room. While Washington DC might not seem an obvious source for guidance on this particular topic, those who live and work there must navigate these challenges daily-often hourly-as they engage with friends, colleagues, and family on all sides of a particular issue. What can be learned from that experience? And how can it be applied to therapeutic practice? No Handouts provided.
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Excellent presentation Jan 27, 2023 4:44 PM
By: Judith A. Blanton, MEd

His ability to put complex thinking into understandable language; his ideas about how to deal with toxic issues with people; his use of self to get his ideas across with honesty and sincerity all make you dig deep into your own look at yourself and your beliefs.

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