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Unaffordable Care: Serious Mental Health Challenges

CE Credits: 2.50 Speaker(s): Anne M. Way, MFT; David Ansell; Neil G. Moore, MAMFT Presenters discuss a multidisciplinary treatment approach and training model whereby team members attend to mind, body, and spirit in their formation of a therapeutic alliance. Patients with limited financial resources and serious mental health challenges are a focus of treatment and informatics captures the positive outcomes that emerge from this modality. Implications for training programs will be addressed.

Why Should Therapists Talk about Race, Gender, and Class?

CE Credits: 2.00 Speaker(s): Manijeh M. Daneshpour, PhD Racism, sexism, classicism, cultural elitism, and oppressive political systems constrain the lives of diverse clients. Discussing these topics impact the power and relational dynamics with clients. The presentation reevaluates the ethics, value, and clinical implications for covering or not covering these topics. Some case examples, and specific recommendations for culturally relevant assessment, treatment, and clinical training will be provided.