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DSM-5: Diagnosing Substance and Somatic Disorders

CE Credits: 1.50 Speaker(s): Diane R. Gehart, PhD As part of AAMFT's training series, join our expert host, Diane Gehart, PhD as we review changes to the new DSM-5 and their effect on diagnosing substance and somatic disorders.

Effective Use of Psychopharmacology for the MFT

CE Credits: 3.00 Speaker(s): W. David Robinson, PhD; Adam C. Jones; Braden J. Brown; Nathan C Taylor; Paul R. Springer, PhD Many MFTs are still hesitant to recommend psychopharmacological agent to their clients. This is due partly to inadequate training in most MFT programs. The presenters will review the research behind combined (therapy and medications) for many of the common conditions MFTs see in their practice. We will also discuss the utilization of common medications and the common ethical concerns.

Effectively Working With Sexual Assault Void of Bias

CE Credits: 1.00 Speaker(s): Samantha E. Heuwagen; Christopher K. Belous, PhD Why are some therapists afraid to tackle the complexities of working with sexual assault survivors and untangling the web of traumas? Through supervision, personal therapy, and discussions with colleagues, clinicians can overcome their own bias and limitations surrounding sex and sexual trauma. This presentation will encourage and discuss evidence based, sex positive approaches to working with sexual trauma.


CE Credits: 1.25 Speaker(s): Denise E. Flori, PhD This webinar will increase knowledge about eldercare providers as family members: Who they are, what they do, for how long and with what impact. The presenter will also review the challenges and experiences caregivers often face as an eldercare provider.

Eligibility Criteria for Standards 12

Speaker(s): Daniel R. Lord, PhD As of January 2016, programs applying for accreditation will need to demonstrate compliance with Version 12 Accreditation Standards, which now includes a new initial step in the accreditation process - the submission of Eligibility Criteria. The webinar discusses how programs should interpret and meet the requirements of the Eligibility Criteria for Accreditation Standards Version 12 and addresses the questions below: " What types of documentation will I need to submit? " How will my submission be reviewed? " What is the proper format? " How are the Eligibility Criteria linked to the rest of the Standards?

Emotional Focused Couples Therapy with Bipolar Partner

CE Credits: 2.00 Speaker(s): Regina Bordieri, PsyD; Sesen Negash, PhD Bipolar disorder is a serious mental illness causing unusually intense and dramatic shifts in mood and energy. Few systemic interventions exist for the treatment of bipolar disorder, despite its effect on family members. This presentation will identify the unique needs of couples coping with bipolar disorder and propose a modified version of Emotionally Focused Therapy for working with these couples.

Emotion-Deepening Techniques in Attachment-Based Therapy

CE Credits: 2.50 Speaker(s): Jody M. Russon, PhD; Guy S Diamond, PhD Attachment-Based Family Therapy (ABFT) uses attachment theory to facilitate conversations about core ruptures that are blocking parent-child trust. Emotion-deepening techniques are essential to creating meaningful change experiences in ABFT. In this workshop, presenters will use lecture, videotape, discussion and role-play activities to a) describe a metaframework for deepening emotions; and b) teach eight emotion-deepening techniques utilized in ABFT treatment tasks.

Enhancing MFT Training: Clinical Feedback Systems

CE Credits: 2.00 Speaker(s): Thomas L. Sexton, PhD; William F. Northey, PhD In this interactive and technology-focused workshop participants will see how a Clinical Feedback (CFS) System is used in varied MFT contexts. A live interactive demonstration of a CFS being used in COAMFTE training programs and in clinical demonstration projects will be highlighted for its utility in training, improvement of clinical outcomes, and research in developing Practice-based Evidence.

Ethical Issues and Strategies for Practice in Healthcare

CE Credits: 2.00 Speaker(s): Jennifer L. Hodgson, PhD; Tai J Mendenhall, PhD; Angela L. Lamson, PhD Working in a healthcare setting means applying your ethical principles in different ways. In fact, some professions are developing separate codes of ethics just for their members who are practicing in integrated behavioral health care settings. This workshop will compare and contrast the multidisciplinary codes of ethics commonly found in healthcare settings and highlight opportunities for shared understanding and possible differences. Case scenarios written by MFTs who have practiced in medical settings for years will highlight some of the potential challenges and lessons learned.

Ethical Issues for MFT Practice and Supervision

CE: 2.00

Speakers: Lisa Rene Reynolds, PhD (Chair of the Ethics Committee)
Carl Greenberg, MS
Tatiana Melendez-Rhodes, PhD
Jeffrey Romer, DMin
Amy Tielemans, MA

This presentation from December 2020 will explore the basics of ethical decision making for Marriage and Family Therapists, as well as review some of the main ethical errors that MFT’s commonly make. These fundamentals are vital in order to provide the highest standard of care to clients. Additionally, the presenters will cover what the AAMFT Ethics Committee does, and the process by which cases are handled. Lastly, the team will discuss strategies for avoiding ethical issues in practice.

*No handouts provided*