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Legal and Ethical Issues for Marriage and Family Therapists

Speaker: Bruce V. Hillowe, J.D., Ph.D
CE: 2.5

This workshop will review the essential ethical and legal background for the provision of psychotherapy by licensed marriage and family therapists in New York State in the areas of record-keeping, informed consent and mandatory reporting requirements. Practitioners will be provided with templates for general record-keeping, informed consent, HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices, SAFE Act reporting and risk management documentation. Topics will include:

1. Beginning and planning psychotherapeutic treatment.
2. Supervision and consultation.
3. The basics of record-keeping and contents of records.
4. Foundations of standards of care, including statutes, professional regulations, case law and NASW Code of Ethics.
5. Informed consent for all patients and the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices.
6. Special issues of informed consent with adolescents.
7. Special issues with child abuse and neglect identification and reporting in NYS.
8. Assessing and managing at-risk patients, the duty to protect and warn.
9. New York's SAFE Act.

**No Handouts Were Provided**
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Legal Guidelines for Family Therapists

CE Credits: 6.00 This book is a resource for marriage and family therapists who want to gain a better understanding of the legal guidelines that should inform their work both in private practice and agency settings. As state laws vary and can change quickly, this book does not provide definitive answers to every possible legal dilemma faced in a clinical practice. However it provides a through overview of generally accepted legal practice and raises the readers' awareness of the many situations in which legal and ethical concerns should be considered. After reading the text, participants will return to this site to purchase and take the online test. Book sold seperately.
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Love After Lockup

*This course has been edited from a live event. Moments of low volume and discussion may occur*

Stacy Womack-Henderson, a respected life coach and mentor, and Chef Jeff Henderson, a passionate and talented chef make for an incredible team. Their inspiring journey together began while Jeff was incarcerated in federal prison and quickly evolved into the creation of a beautiful family together, including five children.

An inspirational couple married over 21 years, Jeff and Stacy are champions of change and positivity in the world by way of their deep devotion to such causes as overcoming adversity, marriage, and family. Together they encourage self-empowerment, and childhood development.

Their combined wealth of knowledge empowers individuals to achieve life-changing transformation.

No handouts have been provided.
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Medical Family Therapy: Brief Therapy

CE Credits: 3.50 Speaker(s): Jacqueline Williams-Reade, PhD; Cassidy J. Freitas, PhD; Veronica P. Kuhn, PhD; As the field of healthcare expands to include mental health professionals, marriage and family therapists will have increased opportunities to participate. If you are interested in working in a medical setting or want to better understand how to address clients’ medical issues in your current practice, this presentation will introduce the primary Medical Family Therapy concepts needed to provide important assessment and intervention.
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Millennial Relationships: Finding and Keeping Love

Dating and marriage are not what they used to be. The millennial generation is shaped by the inherent struggle with desiring connection and lasting relationships paired with the challenges of the choice paradox, influence of technology, fear of commitment, and pull for independence. Is there really such thing as "'til death do us part" anymore? Millennials certainly hope so, though their actions may speak otherwise. Join us for a presentation as Liz Higgins, LMFT explores the implications and trends to consider when working systemically with Generation Y couples.
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Online Therapy: A Systemic, Ethical, and Practice Approach

Speaker(s): Aaron Norton, Jaclyn Cravens, Shelly Smith, Jennifer Labanowski As society moves into the digital age so too should the field of marriage and family therapy. Today's practicing MFTs need innovation, focused training, and education on telemental health services. Clinicians will leave this session with focused information on the systemic, practical, and ethical considerations to help them integrate online services to their practice.
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Overview of Law and Ethics

CE Credits: 1.00 Speaker(s): Benjamin E. Caldwell, PsyD This webinar will explore legal and ethical issues facing marriage and family therapists today. The webinar will highlight common issues in couple and family work and review legal and ethical decision-making.
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Reaching Families Through In-Home Therapy

CE: 1.5
Speaker: Elizabeth Ogorek

In-home therapy is a natural setting for marriage and family therapists hoping to work with children and families. This presentation will provide an inside look at the implementation of family therapy in the in-home setting through the lens of the approach taken by the Thornwell Building Families Program. The conversation will address the unique nature of the therapeutic relationship developed through in-home work as well as how to transition in-person activities to a telehealth setting. The presentation will explore the benefits of inter-agency collaboration and its benefits for clients and the practitioners themselves.

**No handouts were provided
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Relationship Rebalancing: A new framework

Speaker: Lauren Kahn
CE'S: 1.5
Wisconsin Association for Marriage and Family Therapy: Relationship Rebalancing: A new framework for relational repair. This previously recorded presentation will introduce a novel approach she has developed for relational repair. Influenced by evidence based models including The Gottman Method, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Mindfulness, Relationship Rebalancing provides a framework for guiding clients through difficult conversations and interactions and helps lead them to feeling more connected and compassionate rather than falling into defeat and despair.
*No handouts provided
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Sexual Resensitization for Christians with Sexual Shame

CE Credits: 1.00 Speaker(s): Andrew Mercurio This workshop explores the traumatized sexual mind of Christian clients troubled by sexual shame in heterosexual marriage. Sex-negative legacies, transmitted throughout the history of Christianity, will be examined along with a focus on "sexual re-sensitization" as a therapeutic goal for constructing healthier sexual narratives. Interventions will be framed by sex-positive Christian teachings and integrated with Bowenian, Contextual and Narrative therapies.
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