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Family Treatment: Developmental Disabilities

CE Credits: 2.00 Speaker(s): Jeffrey B. Jackson, PhD Parents of children with developmental disabilities report needing more attuned and effective family therapy services. This workshop will prepare participants to better serve families of children with severe developmental disabilities by understanding common stressors these families tend to face and using ambiguous loss as a treatment framework.

FTM: July/August 2018 Helping Families

The July/August 2018 FTM

FTM: Sep/Oct 2017 Adolescents

The September/October 2017 FTM focuses on: Adolescents; Ten Things Adolescents & Their Families Taught Me about Being Ethical; Understanding the Impact of Homelessness on the Adolescent; Helping Adolescents Become More Resilient; Mental Health and Black Adolescents; Parent-Adolescent Relationships: Dimensions and Profiles

Guardians of the Galaxy: Guiding Youth through Grief

CE Credits: 4.00 Speaker(s): Cadmona A. Hall, PhD; Heather L. Hay, PhD This institute will provide an overview of grief and loss with an emphasis on the unique grief reactions of children utilizing a developmental perspective. Participants will increase their knowledge base connected to theory, research, and practice of clinical work with bereaved youth and their families. The presentation will provide tools for facilitating a supportive environment in the context of grief.

High Conflict Divorce and Parenting: Current Interventions

CE Credits: 3.50 Speaker(s): Jeff Chang, PhD; William F. Northey, PhD; Between 5 and 10% of divorces with children can be defined as "high conflict," resulting in protracted litigation, excessive consumption of community resources, and most importantly, broken relationships, and a worsening of mental health problems. The presenters will describe the dynamics of high-conflict families, discuss ethical/legal issues, describe current intervention approaches, and focus on the self of the therapist.

I Have Something To Tell You: Conversations of Sexual Abuse

CE Credits: 1.25 Speaker(s): Aaron M. Norton, PhD; Catherine V. Boynton, MS; Dolores M. Gonzalez; Jasmine N. Moore This workshop will help new and experienced therapists process childhood sexual abuse (CSA) in family therapy. It will review fundamental knowledge and techniques in working with child victims of sexual abuse using several art and drama therapy tools to increase their efficacy when working with families of children who have experienced childhood sexual abuse.

Journal of Marital and Family Therapy (Apr 2015 Vol 41 No 2)

CE Credits: 5.00 This issue of the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy includes articles in the following topics: Family Therapy Education and Supervision; Homeless Families and Family Therapy; and Couple Therapy. As the most influential scholarly journal on family therapy, the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy provides marriage and family therapists with an array of articles on research, theory, clinical practice, and training in the field. With that in mind, each issue of JMFT offers empirically sound research findings and the latest in clinical wisdom as it relates to a variety of couple and family concerns. After reading an issue of the journal; participants will return to this site to purchase and take the online test.

Pediatric Weight Management and Prevention

Speaker(s): Keeley Pratt, Jerica Berge, Catherine Van Fossen Given the high prevalence of childhood obesity, MFTs will undoubtedly work with families struggling with a child with overweight/obesity. Training in family systems theory and integrated family-based care models situate MFTs to intervene effectively with this population. This session will describe how MFTs are addressing pediatric weight management and will highlight family systems clinical and research efforts with this population.

Preparing Children to Become Sexually Healthy Adults

CE Credits: 2.00 Speaker(s): Ruth C. Neustifter, PhD; Harry Shuster, MA; Jaime Dice Supporting the path to sexual maturity has always been challenging, however, the recent pace of social and technological change has left many adults wondering how to best help children set a foundation for healthy sexual development. This engaging workshop will offer useful applied techniques for therapists and families based in research-supported theory on family therapy and child development.

Reaching Families Through In-Home Therapy

CE: 1.5
Speaker: Elizabeth Ogorek

In-home therapy is a natural setting for marriage and family therapists hoping to work with children and families. This presentation will provide an inside look at the implementation of family therapy in the in-home setting through the lens of the approach taken by the Thornwell Building Families Program. The conversation will address the unique nature of the therapeutic relationship developed through in-home work as well as how to transition in-person activities to a telehealth setting. The presentation will explore the benefits of inter-agency collaboration and its benefits for clients and the practitioners themselves.

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