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The Young Will See Visions and the Old will Dream Dreams

CE Credits: 1.50 Speaker(s): Andrae L. Brown, PhD Despite some political, economic and social gains, an overwhelming number of urban youth face daily threats to their physical and psychological wellbeing. This keynote will explore the beauty and vitality of the modern family and its innate drive to raise healthy, talented and vibrant children. Coming of age is often seen as a universal experience; however, the journey is tempered by the intersections of race, class, gender, sexual orientation and region.

Therapy Topic: Children and Divorce

Divorce propels adults and children into numerous adjustments and challenges. This pamphlet answers the questions, How can you help your children? How do you know when to seek help and What help is available for divorcing parents and children?

Written for clients and potential clients, Consumer Updates are designed to educate consumers and market your services. The brochures contain easy-to-understand information and resources and discuss the role of marriage and family therapists in treating problems affecting the public. Consumer Updates have space on the back to attach a business card or imprint practice or contact information. Click here to read the entire contents of this pamphlet.

Each packet contains 25 brochures.


*This course has been edited from a live event. Moments of low volume and discussion may occur*

Dr. Wayne M. Maines and Kelly Maines have worked extremely hard to raise their children in an environment that was not ready for a new generation of transgender children. Wayne is the Vice President of Safety and Operations at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas. He has conducted LGBTQ training for the FBI, the Department of Justice, Harvard Medical School, the Pennsylvania Juvenile Court Judges’ Commission and others across the nation.

Kelly Maines is a Social Media Specialist for a State Representative in Austin Texas. She is also a Board Member of the Rainbow Business and Professional Association in Portland, Maine. Kelly has turned her attention to taking what she has learned to introduce the world to transgender children and transgender rights. The Maines’ mission is to help provide an environment for transgender people to be safe and live in a society that is not always ready.

No handouts are provided.

Unfolding the Laundry

This live therapy session, recorded in 1984 by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and digitally re-mastered in 2007, features Salvador Minuchin conducting a live family therapy session with a family. The featured family is a large, blended, recently married couple with dual-careers and five stepchildren. The identified patient is the youngest son (age 11) who is acting out. After defocusing attention on the identified patient and re-labeling much of the sibling behavior, attention is focused on the couple. The use of simplicity and humor to lure the family into desiring the necessary change and following the family's lead in defining the problem illustrates Minuchin's expert ability at not being an expert. Approx. Time: 87 minutes

Using live action role playing in group setting for youth

Speaker: Jennifer Hayes.
CE credits: 1.0

This course is provided by the Systemic Therapy Across the Lifespan Network; find out more and how to join at

This webinar will review the structure, assessment, and goals of using live action role playing games in a group setting for youth. Participants will learn how to use gaming as a therapeutic agent of change in the social and relational functioning of children around age 10 and up.

Using Role Playing Games (RPG) to Enhance Social Skills

*This course has been edited from a live event. Moments of low volume and discussion may occur*

Presenters: Daniel Rowan and Lucas Scott

Concern has been raised regarding the impact that gaming has on children, teens and some adults. It can be broadly decried because of alleged addictive or isolating qualities. Considering the popularity of gaming, can some forms of it be beneficial to a specific population? Participants, through gameplay and video will learn how role-playing games (RPGs) can be used to work with kids and teens with social differences, addressing the very problems that limit their abilities to work and play with others. Presenters will discuss how players can be made aware of players own strengths and those of others, develop a common strategy, flexibility, accept defeat and working towards group goals Attendees will get a sample page of the mission, a player sheet and the target interventions. Film of an actual game will be shown initially to familiarize attendees with the game

When the Bully is a Brother or Sister: Sibling Violence

CE Credits: 2.00 Speaker(s): John V. Caffaro, PhD This workshop will describe an integrative, evidence-based approach for conducting assessment and intervention with children and families where sibling trauma has occurred. Case examples and quantitative research results will be included to illustrate fundamentals of treating victims of sibling aggression and violence and their families.