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"Therapy of the Absurd": An Introduction to Play Therapy

Speaker: Michael Whitehead
CE Credits: 1.0

This course is provided by the Systemic Therapy Across the Lifespan Network; find out more and how to join at

Play Therapy is an evidence-based intervention method that utilizes the natural language of children to accomplish therapeutic goals. The roots of Family Therapy included children in most, if not all, sessions to achieve the results of systemic therapy. A pioneer in family therapy, Dr. Nathan Ackerman, stated that, "without engaging the children in a meaningful interchange across the generations, there can be no family therapy." Family therapists often get little-to-no training in how to involve children in family therapy. This webinar will introduce Systemic Play Therapy as one intervention to use to start including children in family therapy sessions.
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2023 Institutes for Advanced Systemic Family Therapy

Take a break and join AAMFT in London this summer as we gather together to earn continuing education, network and study under experts in the field of systemic family therapy. The Institutes are designed with the experienced clinician in mind and are presented by experts in the field. Participants study in one of four intensive courses that reflect the clinical challenges mental health professionals face today. Classes are intentionally kept small to create a personal and interactive setting. In addition, our opening and closing keynotes offer a wonderful opportunity to meet with the instructors and your fellow participants to exchange ideas and discuss today’s issues at length. Daily breakfast and lunch gatherings offer an excellent opportunity for networking with participants from across the globe. We will also be hosting a Supervision Refresher for those that need to fulfill the required course for all Approved Supervisors.
Wednesday, June 21, 2023
Friday, June 23, 2023
London Marriott Regents Park
128 King Henry’s Rd
London, UK NW3 3ST
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A Daughter Who Needs a Mother

This session, recorded in 1991 by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and digitally remastered in 2009, features Harry Aponte conducting a live, unedited therapy session with a family. The featured family is an African American mother and her children struggling with poverty and a legacy of deprivation. The session is a demonstration of the Eco-System Model, incorporating class, racial and ethnic experiences of both the family and therapist. Mother lacks confidence and skill to parent her children, forcing her 14-year-old daughter to do so. After running away from home to pursue the attention of older men, her actions culminate in a suicide gesture. An experience is created for the mother to reach out to her daughter. Approx. Time: 87 minutes

Building Resiliency

CE Credits: 4.00 Speaker(s): Kathleen C. Laundy, PsyD; Barbara S. Bennett, MS; Michelle A. Ciak, MS Families and schools are where children experience the major part of their childhood and where children learn resiliency. Multidisciplinary school teams help boost that resiliency. MFTs are now becoming school certified, and can offer unique and valuable contributions to school teams to help foster resiliency and achievement. This institute will illustrate how MFTs have joined multidisciplinary school teams to boost student achievement since certification, and will provide participants with ideas about how to boost certification initiatives in their divisions.
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Clinical Updates for Therapists: Volume 1

Peruse the most current research findings and therapeutic implications for prevalent clinical problems in the practice of MFT. Topics included in this volume are as follows: Adolescent Disruptive Behavior Disorders, Adolescent Substance Abuse, Alcohol Use Disorders, Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Bereavement and Loss, Children and Divorce, Children’s Attachment Relationships, Chronic Illness, Depression, Domestic Violence, Eating Disorders, Female Sexual Dysfunction, Infertility, Infidelity, Male Sexual Dysfunction, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Schizophrenia and Suicidal Ideation and Behavior.
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Clinical Updates for Therapists: Volume 3

Peruse the most current research findings and therapeutic implications for prevalent clinical problems in the practice of MFT. Topics included in this volume are as follows: Bipolar Disorders in Children and Adolescents, Child Abuse and Neglect, Children of Alcoholics, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Families Living with HIV Disease, Genomics and Medical Family Therapy, Grief After the Death of a Child, Marital Distress, Multiracial Families, Online Infidelity, Phobias, Rape Trauma Syndrome in Intimate Relationships, Reducing Divorce Conflicts, Same-Sex Couples, Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity, Stepfamilies, Suicide in the Elderly and Transgender.

Clinical Updates for Therapists: Volume 4

Peruse the most current research findings and therapeutic implications for prevalent clinical problems in the practice of MFT. Topics included in this volume are as follows: Adult Attachment, Adult ADHD, Autoimmune Diseases in Women, Bullying, Cancer, Childhood Obesity, Diabetes, Financial Strain on Families, Grandparents Raising Grandchildren, Families of Juvenile Sex Offenders, Obesity, ODD, Parkinson's Disease, Pregnancy & Delivery, Problem Gambling, Psychogenic Non-epileptic Attacks, Same-sex Parents and their Children, and Sibling Violence.

Collaborative Care of Maltreated Youth

CE Credits: 2.00 Speaker(s): Mr. Bruce J. Burkland, MA; Cindy Knight; Thomas D. Concannon, M.A.M.F.T .; Chris Moll This session will focus on Marriage and Family Therapists developing relationships between clients, professionals, and agencies involved in the treatment of maltreated children and their families. The workshop will include a review of the importance of relationship, explore how relationship building happens in the clinical setting and parallel processes throughout the system, and identify how to put practices into action.
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Cultural Neuroscience: Child and Adolescent Brain Developmnt

CE Credits: 2.00 Speaker(s): Manijeh Daneshpour, PhD; Iman Dadras, PhD Cultural neuroscience has the potential to shed light on how social and cultural contexts interact with brain development. Drawing on insights from psychology, sociology, and anthropology this presentation focuses on children and adolescent brain and discusses cultural context of neuroscience research to examine critical ways that marriage and family therapists can utilize this information in working with families.
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DSM-5: Diagnosing Children and Adolescents

CE Credits: 1.50 Speaker(s): Diane R. Gehart, PhD The DSM-5, released in spring 2013, resulted in many changes to the way that diagnoses are done. To help navigate these new changes, AAMFT developed a series of training webinars where our expert host, Diane Gehart, PhD, leads you through the most important aspects for MFTs and answers your questions! This webinar reviews autism spectrum disorder, learning disorders, ADHD, conduct and oppositional defiant disorders, eating disorders, and psychotic disorders.
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