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Utilizing Telemental Health Effective Clinical Practice

Speaker: Dr. Blake Berryhill
CE: 2.00

Tele-mental health services can expand MFTs’ positive impact on clients by increasing access to quality mental health care.  As more clinicians opt to utilize technological mediums to provide services, it is important to understand the effectiveness of tele-mental health for treating various mental illnesses.  The purpose of this webinar is to: 1) Provide a brief introduction for conducting tele-mental services, 2) Discuss potential ethical concerns for conducting telemedicine services, and 3) Summarize the state of tele-mental health research for treating anxiety, depression, PTSD, and eating disorders.  We will highlight which tele-mental health practices are considered effective for each disorder, including how each compares to in-person treatment.  We will conclude the presentation with practical applications for MFTs who are currently using/considering using tele-mental health.

What’s Next? Surviving and Thriving after Grad School

*This course has been edited from a live event. Moments of low volume and discussion may occur*

Presenters: Kendra O'Hora and Reagan Smith

MFTs have numerous career options upon graduation. Considering teaching and developing a strong research agenda? Interested in establishing media expertise? Curious how to make six-figures in private practice? Grounded in the professional growth stories of two Millennial MFTs, this session will empower participants to explore their professional innovation in relation to three conventional career trajectories.

Working on What Works: School-based Systemic Change

CE Credits: 2.00 Speaker(s): Amber V. Vennum, PhD; Lee G. Shilts, PhD; Nicole J. Bird; Micha B. Berryhill, PhD; Charity E. Clifford, PhD; Prerana Dharnidharka States are increasingly approving MFTs as mental health providers in schools, providing MFTs the unique opportunity to further support families by extending our systemic lens. This workshop will engage participants in a solution-focused systemic intervention to improve school climate called WOWW. Through experiential learning techniques, participants will actively learn how to empower teachers, students, and families through solution-focused coaching.

Working Systemically with Nonbinary Clients

Speaker: Alex Iantaffi, PhD, MS, SEP, CST, LMFT
CE Credits: 1.5

This course is provided by the Queer and Trans Advocacy Network; find out more and how to join at

This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of working with nonbinary clients. This will include: an initial brief introduction to terminology, the current WPATH Standards of Care, and dominant treatment protocols for nonbinary clients in the US. We will discuss the issues that nonbinary clients and their families might bring to therapy and how to address these competently and systemically. The role that family therapists might play in the care of nonbinary clients and their families will be addressed, including the role that LMFTs might play in supporting clients who may pursue medical or legal transition processes. The importance of liaising with other providers, such as medical providers, will also be addressed. Participants will be invited to reflect on their own gender histories, identities, and expressions. Ethical issues in relation to power, dominant discourses of gender. and the historical oppression and marginalization of nonbinary people will be woven through the webinar and will be addressed from an intersectional perspective.