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Treating the Impact of Moral Injury Among Veterans

CE Credits: 1.50 Speaker(s): Sebastian Perumbilly This presentation, Based on an ethnographic research design with ten U.S. veterans, will focus on broadening the definition and treatment of moral injury among veterans. Going beyond mere symptom reduction and temporary relief; and drawing from clinical research and healing traditions from various cultures, the presenter will discuss ways to clinically define, conceptualize, assess and treat moral injury among veterans.

Treating the Traumatized Child with Family Systems

CE Credits: 1.50 Speaker(s): Scott P. Sells, PhD Traditional trauma informed practice often involves only the child and fails to expand the lens to the immediate and extended family. An evidence-based model known as Parenting with Love and Limits- Family Systems Trauma (PLL-FST) researched step-by-step methods to heal trauma with the youth and their family. This workshop will provide an overview of the model with videos and outcomes.

Unaffordable Care: Serious Mental Health Challenges

CE Credits: 2.50 Speaker(s): Anne M. Way, MFT; David Ansell; Neil G. Moore, MAMFT Presenters discuss a multidisciplinary treatment approach and training model whereby team members attend to mind, body, and spirit in their formation of a therapeutic alliance. Patients with limited financial resources and serious mental health challenges are a focus of treatment and informatics captures the positive outcomes that emerge from this modality. Implications for training programs will be addressed.

Veteran Family Challenges and Collaborative Treatment

CE Credits: 4.50 Speaker(s): June Behn Watts, MS; Jennifer Fox; Travis Field; Heidi Knock; Jenelle Boo; Nicolle Angeli Many combat veterans and families are seeking treatment as a result of recent conflicts. This institute will give a firsthand look from the “front lines” in working directly with veterans and their families. Information will be provided on military sexual trauma, PTSD, traumatic brain injury, chronic pain, suicide prevention, and MFT to highlight the importance of collaborative treatment. Graphic language used. Purchaser discretion advised.

Yoga Mat

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You, Me, and OCD: A Family Based Approach

CE Credits: 4.50 Speaker(s): Kenneth W. Phelps, PhD The intrusive thoughts and repetitive behaviors characteristic of OCD can profoundly interrupt a family's life. This institute will summarize the diagnosis, conceptualization, and treatment of this disorder. Specific presentations of OCD, including childhood-onset, perinatal, and relationally focused subtypes, will be overviewed. Recent family-based approaches (e.g. positive family interaction therapy, partner assisted exposure/response prevention) will also be described in detail.