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2024 Systemic Family Therapy Conference

Designed as a reimagined approach to the traditional AAMFT Annual Conference, the Systemic Family Therapy Conference (SFTC) takes a holistic approach to the development and enhancement of family therapists. Just like our dynamic profession, SFTC targets three key areas: Enhancement of the systemic thinker as an individual focusing on personal and professional growth, development of cutting edge clinical skills and training to propel our profession forward, and integration into vital community and institutional systems that shape our global society. Up to 22 CE credits are available.
Registrants of this event must read the Inclusivity Statement before completing registration. Please read the Inclusivity Statement by clicking here.
Monday, November 04, 2024
Thursday, November 07, 2024
Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort
1500 Epcot Resort Blvd.
Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
$305.00 - $1,055.00
$305.00 - $1,255.00

A Daughter Who Needs a Mother

This session, recorded in 1991 by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and digitally remastered in 2009, features Harry Aponte conducting a live, unedited therapy session with a family. The featured family is an African American mother and her children struggling with poverty and a legacy of deprivation. The session is a demonstration of the Eco-System Model, incorporating class, racial and ethnic experiences of both the family and therapist. Mother lacks confidence and skill to parent her children, forcing her 14-year-old daughter to do so. After running away from home to pursue the attention of older men, her actions culminate in a suicide gesture. An experience is created for the mother to reach out to her daughter. Approx. Time: 87 minutes

Advancing the Profession: Integrating Common Factors

CE Credits: 2.00 Speaker(s): Eli A. Karam, PhD; Adrian J. Blow, PhD This workshop will focus infusing a common factors (CF) approach into MFT training and professional development. Participants will understand the clinical and empirical rationale behind a moderate CF perspective, see several examples of established common factor courses in COAMFTE masters and doctoral programs, and learn specific CF teaching, supervisory, and clinical strategies related to MFT Core Competencies.
Available for Immediate Access

Affirming Bisexuality: Individual & Relational Therapy

CE Credits: 3.00 This session will explore the meaning and requisites of affirmative therapy, increase participants’ understanding of the bisexual identity, and discuss clinical considerations for working with bisexual clients individually and relationally. Participants will reflect upon personal experiences, beliefs, and assumptions, contemplate the distinctive experiences of bisexual people, and apply this insight to recognize and meet the therapeutic needs of bisexual clients.
Available for Immediate Access

Alcohol Problems in Intimate Relationships

This primer on assessing and treating alcohol problems in couple and family therapy settings is the result of a collaboration between the AAMFT and the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. The book contains information on the significance and prevalence of alcohol problems, state of the art screening and assessment materials, brief intervention strategies to engage clients who are misusing alcohol, and empirically validated treatment guidelines.

Alcohol Problems in Intimate Relationships

CE Credits: 4.00 *BOOK PURCHASE REQUIRED*Book sold seperately. This course is a resource for marriage and family therapists, who in their clinical work are likely to see clients who are experiencing, or are at-risk of experiencing, alcohol-related problems. Participants will read the book "Alcohol Problems in Intimate relationships: Identification and Intervention - A Guide for Marriage and Family Therapists" by Linda J. Roberts, Ph.D. and Barbara S. McCrady, Ph.D. After reading the text, participants will return to this site to take the online test.
Available for Immediate Access

Altering Our Language For Clients With Disabilities

CE: 1.00
Speaker: Brie Turns-Coe

*No handouts provided

Part of the FTM Webinar Series. Many MFTs receive little to no training regarding individuals with disabilities. During this webinar, Dr. Brie Turns-Coe, LMFT, ASDCS will discuss the benefits of using Solution-Focused Brief Therapy for clients and family members impacted by a disability. This session will also cover considerations clinicians must make to alter the language and use of some of the model’s interventions.

Learning Objectives:

1. Participants will be able to identify some of the challenges experienced by individuals with disabilities and their loved ones.

2. Participants will learn about the benefits of using SFBT while working with clients with disabilities.

3. Participants will be able to alter their language when working with clients with disabilities while maintaining the integrity of the model.

Available for Immediate Access

Alzheimer's and the Family

CE: 1.00
Speaker: Harvey Joanning, PhD

This presentation will walk participants through the stages of Alzheimer’s disease, describing changes in the person experiencing the disease; changes and needs of family members living with the person; and interventions and resources needed by the family during each stage. A brief overview of the disease process and interventions that may slow the progress of the disease will also be given. Suggestions for life style changes to prevent Alzheimer’s disease will be summarized.
Available for Immediate Access

At home Series: Historical Trauma Theory

CE: 1.00
Speakers: Do Hee Kim and Jonathan Appel

Interpersonal and intergenerational neurobiology can illuminate the development of emotional health within a social and cultural context. In recent years, Historical Trauma Theory has proposed that populations historically subjected to long-term, mass trauma—(such as slavery, war, genocide, and other forms of social oppression) exhibit a higher prevalence of health issues even across several generations removed from the original trauma(s). Understanding how historical trauma might influence the current mental health status of racial/ethnic populations may provide new directions and insights for understanding, treating and preventing mental health issues. This presentation will examine the model of Historical Trauma Theory and the research support to date. This framework will be applied to Family Therapy practice as well as research implications.

**No handouts provided**
Available for Immediate Access

At Home Series: Listening to Teens' Voice in Family Therapy

CE: 1.00
Speaker: Maurizio Andolfi

“Teenagers are more at risk in a fragmented and toxic society where family disintegration, single parenthood, and absent fathers are becoming the norm. Unresolved parental and intergenerational conflicts and marginalization along with the deleterious impact of social media are damaging adolescents’ health development, resulting in a variety of symptoms and disorders” (Assisi Manifesto, 2023)

In this webinar, Maurizio Andolfi will outline the essential need to listen to youth voices in therapy without prejudice and labeling. Their voice, sometimes arrogant or bizarre, angry or provocative, are often a despaired cry for love and care.

By showing a video of a life family session from the Academia Multimedia Collection, Andolfi will illustrate how to build an alliance with a withdrawn teenager with the use of relational questions in presence of his mother and his maternal grandparents. The connection between the” lock door” of the child with other lock doors in the past will be outlines as well as the child’s need to “open doors” to reach out to his father to overcome his sense of loneliness.
Available for Immediate Access