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2016 Annual Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

Join us in Indianapolis, Indiana September 15 - 18, 2016

To register for sponsorship opportunities please contact our marketing specialist at marketing@aamft.org.

T-shirts ($15,000) - Exclusive (platinum level)
Solidify name and brand recognition and drive traffic to your booth by having your logo on the back of the official conference t-shirt.
Learning Journal ($15,000) - Exclusive (platinum level)
Provide attendees with a key item they will use to take notes during the conference, grab their attention and leave a lasting impression with your company logo on the front cover of the official conference notebook.

Photo Booth/Picture Frames ($10,000) - Exclusive
Attendees will come to your booth to have their fun conference photo taken with costume props and redeem the photo and picture frame at your booth. Attendees will have a memorable take home with your company logo printed on the frame.

Relaxation Station ($10,000) - Exclusive
Treat attendees to a refreshing massage and help them relax. Attendees can take a break in the relaxation station where you company logo will be prominently placed along with literature racks filled with your company marketing materials.

Media/Game Center ($10,000) - Exclusive
The media center is a focal point of the exhibit hall. Attendees look here for important conference information, video games, twitter feeds and contests and prize listings. Make your company stand out with your logos prominently printed on the media center panels along with rotating ads on the media center screens.

Conference Bag ($10,000) - Exclusive -
Create brand recognition with your company logo (with AAMFT's) on the official conference tote bag. This sponsorship will drive a high amount of traffic , since attendees will redeem the bag at your booth.

Badge Holder ($8,000) - Exclusive
Since badges and tickets are required for admittance, the badge holder is a great opportunity to gain high visibility as attendees wear their badges throughout the duration of the conference.

Door Drop ($6,000) - Exclusive
Greet attendees first thing in the morning with important information about your company and booth. A conference daily flyer is placed under the doors of conference attendees rooms the second and third morning of the conference. The flyer highlights giveaways and key events for the day including a 35 word promotion of your company, booth number and logo.

Snack/Coffee Breaks - ($5,000 - $10,000) - Non-exclusive
Promote your company and your booth while attendees refuel. Gain visibility with your company logo on signage placed in several places near/in the break area(s).

Keynote Address ($5,000) - Exclusive
Cyber Hotspot ($5,000) - Exclusive
Division Leadership Training Breakfast ($5,000) - Exclusive
Networking Luncheon ($4,000) - Exclusive 
Poster Sessions ($3,000) - Non-Exclusive
Discussion Sessions ($3,000) - Non-Exclusive