Approved Supervision Instructors and Course Approvals

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AAMFT’s Approved Supervision program is integral to the profession of marriage and family therapy (MFT). It ensures that the next generation of marriage and family therapists receive the highest level of mentoring and supervision available to help guide them early in their careers. Paramount to this success is the training that Approved Supervisors receive. 

In accordance with AAMFT’s commitment to maintaining the highest level of training for supervisors, AAMFT will offer three options for Approved Supervision instructors to be approved for teaching training courses. One of these approvals must in be in place to teach courses after June 30, 2015.

For complete details about pre-approved supervision courses, please review the Approved Supervisor Designation Standards and Responsibilities Handbook, January 2014.

The options are outlined below:

Option 1: Obtain your Instructor Authorization from AAMFT

  • Obtain interim and three-year authorizations that allow you to decide how many courses and students you want to teach.
  • Set your own pricing and build your business model.
  • Courses available: 15-hour Fundamentals of Supervision Interactive portion only
  • Fees: Pay set fees based upon the number of students taught annually
  • Application period: Rolling approvals available at all times. Please allow up to four weeks for approval.
  • Review full information and pre-requisites here.
  • Apply today!


Option 2: Apply to teach courses for AAMFT

  • Leave the registration and technical details to AAMFT and focus on teaching only.
  • Earn set payment for the number of courses you teach.
  • Courses available: 5-hour refresher (both online and in-person); 15-hour Fundamentals of Supervision didactic portion (online only); 15-hour Fundamentals of Supervision interactive portion (both online and in-person)
  • Compensation: AAMFT will compensate you based on the number of courses taught. Please note that courses are created by demand and there is no guaranteed number provided annually.
  • Application period: February 11 – March 30, 2015
  • Submit application to:
  • Review full information and pre-requisites here.
  • Download the application and apply today!


Option 3: Get your COAMFTE-accredited Doctoral Program approved to teach

In order to ensure that all questions have been properly addressed and to ensure COAMFTE-accredited PhD programs have ample opportunity to adjust to the changing expectations around the training, AAMFT will suspend the adoption of the new approval process for COAMFTE-doctoral programs for two years. COAMFTE doctoral programs will continue to be automatically pre-approved to offer the AAMFT Approved Supervision training as part of their doctoral program curriculum until June 30, 2017 free of charge and without AAMFT evaluation.

Starting July 1, 2017, COAMFTE programs that wish to offer their students the additional benefit of AAMFT Approved Supervisor training in the context of their COAMFTE required clinical supervision course will need to receive pre-approval from AAMFT, including syllabus submission to AAMFT to ensure that it meets the required elements of the AAMFT Approved Supervision Handbook. The review process will be open to programs no later than January 1, 2017 for the July 1, 2017 approval.

For further questions, please e-mail Dorothy Bose at


Are you already an AAMFT instructor? Click here to access your gradebook.


Supervisor Directory

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