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Checklist for Completing the Approved Supervisor Application Packet

When the Approved Supervisor mentor and supervisor candidate believe that the candidate has met all requirements for becoming an Approved Supervisor, they should work together to complete the Approved Supervisor application packet.

Checklist of requirements:

-The candidate must have completed a graduate degree in marriage and family therapy or a closely related field. (This is actually a prerequisite to begin training, but it should be re-verified at this point.)

-Is the Approved Supervisor mentor a current AAMFT Approved Supervisor?

-Was the supervisor candidate in training for the Approved Supervisor designation for at least two years?

-Did the supervisor candidate complete a 30-hour supervision fundamentals course?

-Was the course offered by or pre-approved by the AAMFT?

-Was the course taken in the past five years (prior to the Approved Supervisor application being submitted)?

-Does the supervisor candidate have written verification that the course was completed-a certificate, verification letter, transcript, etc. showing the date on which the course was taken and by whom it was offered?

-Has the supervisor candidate provided 180 hours of clinical supervision to MFTs during the two-year training period?

-Did the candidate supervise at least two supervisees for at least nine months each during the training period?

-Did the supervisor candidate receive at least 36 hours of supervision mentoring from an AAMFT Approved Supervisor during the two-year training period?

-Were at least 18 hours of supervision mentoring obtained within the two years prior to the submission of the application packet?

-Is the supervisor candidate an AAMFT Clinical Member? If not, can the candidate demonstrate that he/she has been evaluated for and offered Clinical Membership?

-Does the supervisor candidate have two years of clinical experience beyond obtaining an MFT license or two years of clinical experience beyond receiving AAMFT Clinical Membership?

Checklist of items that must be included in the application packet:

-Approved Supervisor Application

-Supervision Mentoring Report

-Approved Supervisor's Evaluation

-Official supervision course verification (certificate, letter, transcript)

-Non-refundable application processing fee of $200.00

Additional considerations:

Make sure that all of the above items are included in the application packet, and that all forms are completed in their entirety. Ensure that all forms are signed. Type or write legibly, and be sure to double-check contact information such as the candidate's e-mail address. If information is omitted, the application review will be delayed.

Approved Supervisor Directory

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