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Working towards full license in a different mental health field

Pre-Allied Mental Health Professional membership

Pre-Allied Mental Health Professional members are individuals who have met all educational requirements for licensure in a mental health profession other than marriage and family therapy and are completing the post graduate clinical hours to practice independently in a mental health field other than MFT. For non-US applicants: you must provide a recognized credential from your jurisdiction.

Individuals who hold a current intern/associate license in a mental health discipline in a US state or are working toward the highest level of licensure in one of the following mental health disciplines:

  • Clinical Psychology;
  • Psychiatry;
  • Social Work;
  • Mental Health Counseling;
  • Professional Counseling;
  • Psychiatric Nursing;
  • Pastoral Counseling (residents of Maine only)

If your province and/or country (excluding the United States) does not license mental health professionals you should apply under the Affiliate Membership category.

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