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Ethical Advisory Opinion

Your AAMFT Membership signifies your commitment to abide by the highest ethical standards in the marriage and family therapy profession. It tells your clients that you are devoted to the sound ethical practice of marriage and family therapy. Ethical Advisory Opinions are a convenient and timely means for you to consult with one of our specially trained Ethics Case Managers about how to apply the AAMFT Code of Ethics to your professional activities.

Who is Eligible?

All AAMFT Members.

Scope of Service

The next time you are faced with an ethical dilemma, consult with an Ethics Case Manager, by phone or e-mail, BEFORE you act. You will receive an Ethical Advisory Opinion rooted in the foundations of the AAMFT Code of Ethics and over 10 years of ethical opinions rendered by the AAMFT Ethics Committee.

E-mail: ethics@aamft.org

Telephone: 703-253-0471, ask for an Ethics Case Manager

In addition to immediate phone and e-mail consultation services, Clinical Members may obtain a formal ethical opinion from the AAMFT Ethics Committee.

Advisory Opinion Limitations

  • Advisory opinions are only provided on prospective behavior, not current or past conduct.
  • A member may be charged with an ethical violation if he or she admits to or describes having already taken actions that would be in violation of the AAMFT Code of Ethics. 
  • Advisory opinions are non-binding in the event an ethics complaint is filed against the member in connection with the situation discussed.
  • The AAMFT is not required to provide an ethical advisory opinion.

Legal Fact Sheets

The AAMFT has developed a series of fact sheets concerning the legal issues that most frequently arise in a therapist’s practice.  Each legal article provides general information on an important legal topic.

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Ethical Fact Sheets

The AAMFT offers comprehensive ethical information and resources based on the AAMFT Code of Ethics.  AAMFT members can obtain the FREE ethics fact sheets and articles that will protect and inform you about how to maintain an ethical practice.

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Ethical & Legal Columns

The AAMFT’s Family Therapy Magazine has featured many articles over the years on legal and ethical issues that Marriage and Family Therapists frequently encounter.  Written by AAMFT members and staff, these FTM articles provide valuable information on dealing with the major legal issues and ethical concerns faced by therapists.


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