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Annual Conference Abstract FAQs
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AAMFT Annual Conference Abstract Submissions

Frequently Asked Questions


Who reads and evaluates abstract submissions?

The abstracts are read by a volunteer group of AAMFT Clinical members and Approved Supervisors and the AAMFT Event and Meeting staff.

How many submissions are accepted for a conference?

The number varies with the venue where the conference is being held. In general, we have space for about 100 sessions (institutes, workshops and seminars) or ¼ of the abstracts submitted. Approximately 40% of the research posters submitted are accepted.

When are abstract submissions due?

11:59pm EST, December 1, 2013.

Can the deadline be extended?

No, we will not extend the deadline.

Why do all presenters need to have an ID number?

All information regarding potential presenters is linked to the AAMFT database. This allows contact information to be centrally located and utilized in the development of the conference program.

What if I need to make changes to my contact information?

AAMFT members can check and change their information by logging in with their member ID and password and then clicking on the “Update My Account” icon on the right hand side of the page.

When will I find out if my submission has been accepted?

Lead presenters will be notified via email in April of 2014. Lead presenters are responsible for contacting all co-presenters listed on their abstract submission.

What criteria are used to select session submissions for the conference program?

The conference program is selected using a three phase process. Phase one utilizes a blind peer review process with over 500 Pre-Clinical and Clinical Fellows rating each submission using a likert-type scale. Phase two consists of a smaller set of Clinical Fellows that read and rank ordered submissions within topic categories while focusing on topic innovation and past reviews. The final section, Phase three, concentrates on program balance. Ensuring a wide variety of presenters and poster offerings to conference participants.

What criteria are used to accept research poster submissions?

Research Poster sessions are reviewed like all other submissions, but with four additional conditions considered. First, the poster must be research based. Second, the research must be focused on MFT on related to MFT. Third, the submission should describe the study, including sample size, methodology, outcomes, and implications as applicable. Fourth, the research MUST BE COMPLETED at the time of submission.

Who decides the format for my submission?

The AAMFT Event and Meeting staff makes the final decision about the format an abstract will have. Staff will contact lead presenter directly if a format is chosen that was not listed on the original submission.

Can I find out why my submission was not accepted?

Yes. If you would like to receive information concerning your submission please contact the AAMFT via email at dberry@aamft.org after July 1, 2014. Please note that lack of acceptance does not necessarily mean the peer reviews were negative, but that other submission received a more favorable review.

Can I resubmit an abstract that was not accepted?

Yes, in fact it is not uncommon for submissions that were not accepted one year to be accepted the next.

Can I call the AAMFT with questions concerning the abstract submission process?

Yes, please direct questions concerning the submission process to Andrew Alix at 703-253-0499.

Why do I have to send in my CV or resume?

Most of the organizations that approve our conference program for continuing education require that we have presenter CV’s on file. Failure to submit a CV can result in your abstract not being accepted.

What if my submission does not fit under any of the key concept categories listed on the form?

Pick the two that “best” fit your abstract. Changes will be made if the key concept is not appropriate.

Why do all presenters have to attend the conference?

When participants read the conference brochure their expectation is that all of the persons listed under each conference session will be present at the meeting. If, for any reason, a presenter is unable to be present at the session the AAMFT Professional Development staff must be notified. For Research Posters, only the first presenter must be present for the Research Poster presentation.

Can a student present a workshop, institute or seminar?

Students can present but, as noted above, presenter experience is one of the criteria used to make a determination about whether an abstract will be included on the program. It has been our experience that it is uncommon for a student to have sufficient experience to be the lead or sole presenter at one of these sessions.

Why can I only be the lead presenter on two workshop, institute or seminar abstract submissions?

First, it is rare that a presenter will have more than two submissions accepted because of the scheduling involved and the limited number of spaces. Second, it encourages prospective presenters to give serious consideration to the specific topic on which they would like to present.

Can I make changes to my abstract after it had been submitted?

Your abstract must be complete when submitted. However, minor modifications (e.g. removing a presenter, altering a title) can be made after you have submitted the abstract. If you need to make a change please contact Andrew Alix at aalix@aamft.org or 703-253-0499. DO NOT resubmit the abstract. Please note that abstracts are sent for review just after the December 1 deadline. This means that changes made after the deadline will not be included in the information sent to reviewers.

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Abstract Submission Guidelines

To ensure the success of your abstract submission for the AAMFT Annual Conference, please be sure to read the Abstract Submission Guidelines.

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