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History and Issues Related to the Call for Change

Board Response to Initial Call for Change

In the fall of 2008, two former AAMFT Board members began wrote a series of letters to the AAMFT Board of Directors outlining some concerns they had.  The Board reviewed these letters and concerns in depth, scheduled and held a conference call with these two former Board members to hear there concerns in more depth. 

Full Board Response to Initial Call for Change Issues

Actions and Status of the NJ Division of AAMFT (NJAMFT)

 The Facts:

AAMFT spends tens of thousands of dollars annually to support its divisions, and over the years, has spent millions of dollars to do so.  Our desire is to have strong, active, vibrant divisions, with a collaborative relationship between and among all divisions and AAMFT.   The goal is to have all our components working effectively toward the recognition and advancement of the MFT profession.

Complete Actions and Status of the New Jersey Division of AAMFT (NJAMFT)

Background and Facts on Threatening Email Sent to AAMFT President-Elect 

On January 27, 2010, at 1:37 p.m., an email was sent to AAMFT President-Elect Linda Metcalf’s personal email address. With the subject line:  "Good afternoon," it read as follows:

“Since you are part of the problem and has (sic) been getting financial gains from the present administration, you will be next.” 

Full Background and Facts Regarding Threatening Email Sent to AAMFT President-Elect

Misuse of AAMFT's Data: What are the Facts?



Is AAMFT making too much of too little?

Those speaking on behalf of the Call for Change claim that no actions in the use of AAMFT’s member systems and data were wrong in any way. One public statement made by the group has been, “only email addresses were taken.”  Another, in the Psychotherapy Networker, suggested that there was merely “inappropriate use of the membership listserve.


Complete Account of the Misuse of AAMFT's Data: What are the Facts?

The Myth of AAMFT Shutting Down a Yahoo Group 

Call for Change documents have asserted that AAMFT "Shut Down" a Yahoo Group that was being used by those involved in the call for change.  AAMFT has no authority over Yahoo's actions, and no power to shut down a Yahoo Group. 


Full Description Regarding the Myth of Shutting Down a Yahoo Group

The Myth of "Shutting Down" the Divlist (Division Leaders Listserve)

Several writing or speaking under the "Call For Change" name have stated that AAMFT "shut down" an email listerve for divisional leaders as a way to inhibit organizational communication or discussion of issues among divisional leaders. These statements are simply not accurate.

The Complete Myth of Shutting Down the Divlist


Full Open Letter to Call for Change Participants- March 2010

We write to you today to express our most sincere thoughts and concerns. We recognize that any attempts we have made to provide information, context, or explanation about AAMFT’s processes, decisions, priorities, and actions have to date not been satisfactory to you. This fact is greatly troubling to us. We believe that most of society would expect us as therapists, perhaps more than anyone, to be able to find ways to dialogue and resolve conflict without the continued escalation that seems to have occurred with some. It is unfortunate that in this case, meaningful dialogue has proven impossible.

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