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History & Issues

Board Response to Initial Call for Change

In the fall of 2008, two former AAMFT Board members began wrote a series of letters to the AAMFT Board of Directors outlining some concerns they had.  The Board reviewed these letters and concerns in depth, scheduled and held a conference call with these two former Board members to hear there concerns in more depth.

Full Open Letter to Call for Change Participants- March 2010

We write to you today to express our most sincere thoughts and concerns. We recognize that any attempts we have made to provide information, context, or explanation about AAMFT’s processes, decisions, priorities, and actions have to date not been satisfactory to you. This fact is greatly troubling to us. We believe that most of society would expect us as therapists, perhaps more than anyone, to be able to find ways to dialogue and resolve conflict without the continued escalation that seems to have occurred with some. It is unfortunate that in this case, meaningful dialogue has proven impossible.

Meet the Board

To contact the AAMFT Board please email: board@aamft.org.

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