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AAMFT’s engagement programs are benefits designed to enhance your member experience. With opportunities to get involved at the leadership level, advocacy efforts, and peer or training relationships, AAMFT engagement programs offer a key way to expand your membership and make vital connections to drive your career.

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Covering a variety of topics and specialties that are important for MFTs, topical interest networks offer a wide array of ways to connect to MFTs with your focus.

Couples and Intimate Relationships

The mission of the Couples and Intimate Relationships Interest Network is to advance the science and practice of therapy with all romantic, intimate, and/or sexual relationships. The Network will focus on best practices for clinical intervention, public education on systemic approaches, and creating a community of clinicians and scholars who work within the scope of couple and intimate relationships. As a network we will bring together the best resources, training and educational opportunities, foster connection and discussion to spur advancement, and promote the awareness and knowledge of best practices when working with systemic relationships of a couple or intimate nature.

Network benefits will include:

  • Website, forum, resources library, and email listserv
  • Quarterly webinars or live chats on topics related to clinical intervention, research, and innovation in policy and advocacy for couples and sex therapy
  • Specialized training and continuing education opportunities at a significant discount for members
  • Connections with innovators and developers of approaches and cutting-edge research-based practices
  • Advocacy efforts to produce white papers or policy briefs for topics and developments in the field
  • Support and camaraderie with like-minded clinicians and scholars

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Family Therapists in Healthcare

21st century healthcare presents family therapists with a broad range of opportunities and challenges. The Family Therapists in Healthcare Network provides a synergistic opportunity for family therapists to foster curiosity, dialogue, investigation, education, and advocacy in the broad and rapidly-changing healthcare environments. Whether you are a therapist, supervisor, teacher, researcher, or all four, this TIN exists to offer you support with all matters concerning family therapy in healthcare settings, including:

  • Online trainings and in-person gatherings on specific topics related to family systems-based healthcare for clinicians, supervisors, educators, and researchers
  • A dedicated website to collaborate and share resources with the community of clinicians, researchers, educators, and supervisors working in healthcare
  • Advocacy to build knowledge, funding, and employment opportunities for family therapists in healthcare
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Family Therapists in Schools

The Family Therapists in Schools Interest Network exists to support AAMFT members in connecting, networking, and sharing knowledge about school-based practice. We support local legislative efforts and attempts to allow MFTs to be hired into public and private educational settings.
Our goals are...

  • To promote school training for MFTs
  • To help MFTs currently in schools connect with and support each other
  • Build knowledge among legislators, administrators, and staff about the need for family therapy in schools
  • Increase employment opportunities for family therapists in schools

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Intervention Research in Systemic Family Therapy

The mission of the Intervention Research in Systemic Family Therapy topical interest network is to create a community of Systemic Family Therapy (SFT) researchers through online networking and research conferences, and to disseminate research findings to therapists, policy makers, and the public in order to inform policy related to healthcare and mental healthcare. Members in this Network will benefit from: :

  • Quarterly webinars on key topics including innovative methods, grant funding, and statistics
  • Annual research conference with speakers from the SFT community
  • Online community for networking, discussions and profiles of scholars
  • White papers, research briefs, and blogs with the aim of disseminating SFT knowledge to the field, policy makers, and the public

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Margins to Center: Cultural Connections Among C/MFTs

The mission of Margins to Center: Cultural Connections among C/MFTs is to increase cultural competency in order to better serve diverse client populations while increasing cross-cultural collaboration between systemic therapists. This network aims to improve clinical services while advancing the profession by providing networking, training, and connection for C/MFTs of Color (African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanics, Latino Americans, Native Americans, international members) and white allies.

By becoming a member of this network, you can benefit from:

  • Online networking for support, discussion, and collaboration
  • Quarterly trainings to inform continued and enhanced cultural competency
  • Case consultations around mental health challenges for people of color and interests/concerns of network members
  • Newsletter to stay informed about research, trainings, and resources focused on cultural competency

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MFTs Working with Trauma

As the field becomes more aware of the prevalence of trauma across the lifespan, the need for trauma-informed and responsive systems-based therapists is great. The MFTs Working with Trauma Interest Network exists to build a network of MFTs, from trauma informed to treating trauma with competency.

This Interest Network will support MFTs at all levels. Therapists interested in increasing their skills and networking with others will benefit from the Network's activities, which include:

  • Online networking and resource library
  • Web-based trainings for those at all levels of professional development
  • Review of public resources used by AAMFT during trauma events in the community
  • Evaluation of state trauma education and training requirements

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Queer and Trans Advocacy Network

The mission of the Queer and Trans Advocacy Network is to connect AAMFT members who are interested in and passionate about sexual and gender minority (SGM) issues. Members may identify as a SGM, work with SGM clients, or simply want to learn more about SGM health and well-being. Together we plan to increase professional competency to better serve all SGM clients, to create a professional network and enable peer support, and to advocate for SGM health and well-being. As a member you will have access to:

  • A dedicated discussion forum;
  • A website offering professional resources for training, consultation, best practices, and resources for the public;
  • Quarterly webinars focused on clinical practice with SGM clients;
  • Advocacy efforts to address legislation impacting SGM health and well-being at national and state levels.

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Spirituality in Clinical Practice

The mission of the Spirituality in Clinical Practice Topical Interest Network (SICP) is to advance knowledge regarding the spiritual dimension of the human experience, to foster inclusiveness and equity across spiritual belief systems and to promote best practices for effective and meaningful engagement of spirituality in clinical settings. SICP is committed to inclusion and promoting dialogue regarding spirituality among a full spectrum of spiritual experiences and belief systems.

Benefits of this network include:

  • A community of clinicians devoted to exploring spirituality and/or spiritual belief systems
  • Training and educational opportunities regarding spirituality
  • Newsletter integrating topics of relevant interest

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Substance Use and Other Addictive Disorders

The mission of the Substance Use and Other Addictive Disorders (SUOAD) Topical Interest Network is to advance systemic approaches in the treatment and recovery of substance use and other addictive disorders. To achieve the mission, the network will engage both MFTs and SUOAD treatment professionals in educational and training activities to promote the use of systemic approaches and family involvement across the spectrum of SUOAD services. The network will leverage the robust catalog of systemically-focused SUOAD materials available and introduce systemic approaches that more directly address diversity, equity, and inclusion for those servicing and those suffering from addictive disorders. It will also be active in research-informed policy development and advocacy to promote the benefits of family involvement in SUOAD treatment and recovery. In addition, the network will develop networking opportunities for members as well as others who share the interest in SUOAD treatment and recovery, who often lack a community of like-minded clinicians. Benefits of this Network include:

  • Online networking through a member forum
  • Quarterly virtual networking events
  • Twice yearly webinars with continuing education
  • eNewsletter
  • Advocacy efforts through the Family TEAM

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Telehealth and Technology

Telehealth, and more specifically tele-mental health services, are still relatively new technologies. They can expand our positive impact on working with clients, educating and supervising new therapists, and the reach of systemic relational approaches. Embracing these technologies involves navigating changing and sometimes inconsistent regulations, licensure portability issues, and learning new ways of practicing. The Telehealth and Technology Interest Network will bring together those practicing telehealth and utilizing other new technologies in their work, to advocate on behalf of legislation and regulation to promote positive technological advances in our field, and to provide trainings and drive conversation around the ethical use of these practices.

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Working with Military Personnel and their Families

The Working with Military Personnel and their Families Interest Network will provide a community to connect members with experienced mentors and supervisors who work with military personnel. The Network will develop standards for culturally competent providers, a database for community outreach opportunities, and participate in advocacy efforts that educate and inform military and government leadership of the positive impact MFTs and systems integration has with military personnel and their families. Benefits of this Network include:

  • Online community for networking and peer to peer consultation
  • eNewsletters focused on different sectors of the military
  • Trainings and guides on cultural competency
  • Informational resources to increase understanding of unique needs and approaches to working with military families

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