AAMFT State and Provincial Divisions

AAMFT Component Programs – Tailoring Your Benefits Specifically to You! 

AAMFT’s component programs are benefits designed to meet members’ needs– both for your professional development and budget! Members will have the option to join programs in various U.S. states and Canadian provinces that focus on advocacy, education, and networking with a local flavor. With opportunities to get involved at the leadership level, in vital advocacy efforts, or in peer or training relationships, membership in AAMFT interest networks and independent affiliates offer a key way to enhance and expand your membership! 

Keep your eyes open for 2019 when AAMFT debuts new member-driven component programs focused on common interest such as specialty practices, treatment populations, models of care, and more!

Alabama AMFT

Jonathan Davis

800 Lakeshore Dr
Birmingham, AL 35229-2239

Phone: 205-726-4236

Email: jcdavis1@samford.rdu

Website: www.alamft.org

Alaska AMFT

Laura Patin

20442 Ptarmigan Blvd
Eagle River, AK 99577

Phone: 907-726-0865

Email: laurapatin@yahoo.com

Website: www.akamft.org

Alberta AMFT

Amy Cote

66 Parkway Drive
Blackfalds, AB T4M0G4

Email: amycote@shaw.ca

Website: www.aamft.ab.ca/

Arizona AMFT

Melissa Baker

6519 W Wagoner Rd
Glendale, AZ 85308

Phone: 480-452-4759

Email: mabakerlmft@gmail.com

Website: www.azamft.com

Arkansas AMFT

Justin Moore

HU Box 12262
Searcy, AR 72149

Phone: (501) 279-4347

Email: jmoore4@harding.edu

Website: www.aramft.com

British Columbia AMFT

Don Collett

2150 Mountain Hwy
North Vancouver, BC V7J 2M9

Phone: (604) 314-5679

Email: info@bcamft.bc.ca

Website: www.bcamft.bc.ca

California AMFT

Olivia Loewy

P.O.Box 6907
Santa Barbara, CA 93160

Phone: (805) 681-1413

Fax: (805) 681-1412

Email: olivialoewy@aamftca.org

Website: www.aamftca.org/

Colorado AMFT

Meredith Urbani

PO BOX 100033
Denver, CO 80250

Phone: (303) 792-3966

Email: admin@coamft.org

Website: www.coamft.org

Connecticut AMFT

Heather Ehinger

20 Edgewater Commons
Westport, CT 06880

Phone: (203) 438-3139

Email: heatherehinger@gmail.com

Website: www.ctamft.org

Delaware - MAD AMFT

Laura Golojuch

8720 Georgia Ave, Sutie 308
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Phone: (301) 892-6230

Email: admin@madmft.org

Website: www.madmft.org

District of Columbia - MAD AMFT

Laura Golojuch

8720 Georgia Ave, Suite 308
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Phone: (301) 892-6230

Email: admin@madmft.org

Website: www.madmft.org/

Florida AMFT

Tyon Hall

2888-1 Mahan Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32308-5465

Phone: (850) 681-3639

Email: lbarlow110@msn.com

Website: www.famft.org

Georgia AMFT

Anetris Austin

PO Box 29745
Atlanta, GA 30359

Phone: (404) 261-1185

Fax: (404) 262-1880

Email: office@gamft.org

Website: www.gamft.org/

Hawaii AMFT

Janet Covington

P.O.Box 698
Honolulu, HI 96809

Phone: (808) 291-5321

Fax: (808) 622-4971

Email: aamft.hi@gmail.com

Website: www.hiamft.org

Idaho AMFT

Roberta Crockett

1407 N 13th St
Boise, ID 83702

Phone: (208) 345-1022

Email: robertacrockett@mac.com

Website: www.idamft.com

Indiana AMFT

Ann Ninness

3125 Dandy Trail, Suite 110
Indianapolis, IN 46214

Phone: (317) 484-2630

Fax: (317) 481-1825

Email: ann@centraloffice1.com

Website: www.inamft.org


Jacob Christenson

3047 Center Point R. NE
Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Phone: (319) 693-8571

Email: iowamft@gmail.com

Website: www.iowamft.com

Kansas AMFT

Jenne Andrews

1019 Poyntz Ave, Suite C
Manhattan, KS 66502

Phone: (913) 815-0603

Email: info@ksamft.org

Website: www.ksamft.org

Kentucky AMFT

Karen Miller
The Bingham Clinic

15805 Northville Place
Louisville, KY 40245

Phone: (502) 216-0463

Email: kyamft@gmail.com

Website: www.kamft.org/

Louisiana AMFT

Matthew Morris

4123 Woodland Dr
New Orleans, LA 70131

Phone: (504) 398-2234

Email: mmorris@olhcc.edu

Website: www.lamft.org

Manitoba AMFT

Vicki Enns

508 Dominion St.
Winnipeg, MB R3G 2N2

Phone: (204) 956-5446

Email: vlenns@gmail.com

Website: www.mamft.ca

Maryland - MAD AMFT

Laura Golojuch

8720 Georgia Ave, Suite 308
Silver Spring, MD 20910

Phone: (301) 892-6230

Email: admin@madmft.org

Website: www.madmft.org/

Michigan AMFT

Carrie Krawiec

28012 Ridgebrook
Farmington Hills, MI 48334

Phone: (248) 763-6537

Email: mamftmi@yahoo.com

Website: www.michiganfamilytherapy.org

Missouri AMFT

Adriatik Likcani

Lovinger 4200A
Warrensburg, MO 64093

Phone: (660) 429-2222

Email: likcani@ucmo.edu

Website: www.MOAMFT.org

Montana AMFT

Dianna Keane

20469 Kenilworth Rd
Loma, MT 59460Phone: 406-378-3260

Email: diannakeane@hotmail.com

Nevada AMFT

Brittany Farrow

PO Box 70960
Las Vegas, NV 89170

Phone: (702) 423-0968

Email: nvamft@hotmail.com

Website: www.nevadaamft.org

New Hampshire AMFT

Shawn Hassell

754 Chestnut Street
Suite 2
Manchester, NH 03042

Phone: (603) 836-5003

Email: shassell@betweenusassociates.com

Website: www.nhamft.org

New Jersey AMFT

Tarcila Sutterley

798 Willow Grove St, Cottage #2
Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Phone: (908) 651-5986

Email: tsutterley@outlook.com

Website: www.aamftnj.org

New Mexico AMFT

Kristine Souza

4605 5th ST NW
Albuquerque, NM 88001

Phone: (505) 385-0439

Email: ksouza1976@gmail.com

Website: www.nmamft.com

New York AMFT

Jim Walkup

380 Lexington Ave
17th Floor
New York, NY 10168

Phone: (914) 548-8645

Email: nyamft@ymail.com

Website: www.nyamft.org

North Carolina AMFT

Cathy Womack

PO Box 98073
Raleigh, NC 27624

Phone: (919) 518-1919

Fax: (919) 844-8119

Email: info@ncamft.org

Website: www.ncamft.org/

North Dakota AMFT

Shauna Erickson
Prairie St. John's

510 4th Street, S
Fargo, ND 58103

Phone: (701) 476-7868

Email: shauna.erickson@hotmail.com


Erin Schaefer

1608 Center Lane Drive
Ashland, OH 44805

Phone: (614) 389-0747

Email: erincschaefer@gmail.com

Website: www.ohioamft.org

Oklahoma AMFT

Canaan Crane

500 W. University, #61735
Shawnee, OK 74804

Phone: 405-585-4177

Email: canaan.crane@okbu.edu

Website: www.okamft.org

Ontario AMFT

Donna Chamberlain

PO Box 693
Tottenham, ON L0G 1W0

Phone: (905) 936-3338

Fax: (905) 936-9192

Website: www.oamft.com

Oregon AMFT

James Brown

Brookings, OR

Phone: (971) 235-1987

Email: lotuspsych@yahoo.com

Website: www.oamft.org

Pennsylvania AMFT

Sue Morano

262 S Easton Rd Suite 798
Glenside, PA 19038

Phone: (215) 274-1340

Email: pamft2013@gmail.com

Website: www.pamft.com

Rhode Island AMFT

Sarah DeVoe
Anchor Counseling Center

105 Sockanosset Cross Road St. 201
Peace Dale, RI 02879

Phone: (401) 487-7042

Email: sarahdevoelmft@gmail.com

Website: www.riamft.com

Saskatchewan AMFT

Paige Gryba
Gryba Professional Counseling

#206, 912 Idylwyld Dr. North
Saskatoon, SK S7L 0Z6

Phone: 306-934-5898

Email: paige.gryba@gmail.com

Website: www.skamft.ca

South Carolina AMFT

Marie Queen

1215 Anthony Avenue
Columbia, SC 29201

Phone: (803) 540-7520

Email: marie.queen@scamft.org

Website: www.scamft.org

South Dakota AMFT

Lori Williamson

3500 S Phillips Ave, Suite 121
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Phone: (605) 214-3454

Email: lori@loricounseling.com

Website: www.sdamft.org

Tennessee AMFT

Megan Miller
XMI Management

618 Church St, Suite 220
Nashville, TN 37219

Phone: (800) 808-8662

Fax: (615) 254-7047

Email: info@tnamft.org

Website: www.tnamft.org

Texas AMFT

Charles West

8941 Newton Street
Lantana, TX 76226

Phone: (601) 543-9378

Email: ckwest2222@gmail.com

Website: www.tamft.org

Washington AMFT

Rebecca Cobb
Seattle Univ School of Theology

901 12th Ave
Seattle, WA 98122

Phone: (206) 296-6968

Fax: (206) 296-5329

Email: cobbr@seattleu.edu

Website: www.wamft.org

West Virginia AMFT

Sky Kershner

16 Leon Sullivan Way
Charleston, WV 25301

Phone: (304) 346-9689 x3

Email: bonboyce1@aol.com 

Wisconsin AMFT

Le Jordan

PO Box 44578
Madison, WI 53744

Phone: (608) 848-1994

Fax: (608) 848-9266

Email: wamft@mailbag.com

Website: www.relationshiphelp.org

Wyoming AMFT

Burce Burkland

1900 W. Homestead Dr.
Jackson, WY 83001-9114

Phone: (307)733-5986

Email: bburkland@tyfs.org

Website: www.tyfs.org

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