Tools for Supervisor Candidates and Supervisor Mentors

This section includes tools that may be helpful to Approved Supervisor mentors and/or supervisor candidates. Tips and checklists are not exhaustive. They may be helpful as guidelines, or used as starting points for the development of more extensive tools. The forms provided do not need to be submitted to the AAMFT, but are offered as samples to which supervisors can refer when developing their own forms.

Sample Supervision Contract*

Sample Training Plan

Sample Supervision Log*

Sample Supervision Observation Form*

Supervisor Candidate Verification Form

Evaluation Guidelines

Guidelines for Writing a Philosophy of Supervision Paper

Checklist for Completing the Approved Supervisor Application Packet

Professional Development Resources 

Bibliography of Useful Resources 

*These resources are taken from the Practice Management Forms: Tools for the Business of Therapy, published by the AAMFT.

To obtain a copy of the Approved Supervisor Designation Standards and Responsibilities Handbook (pdf). 

Approved Supervisor Directory

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) is providing this Approved Supervisor Directory (Directory) as a benefit for AAMFT members only. Access to and use of this Directory or any of the information contained in this Directory by persons who re not members of AAMFT is prohibited.

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