Creating the Anti-depressant Family: What Families...

Creating the Anti-depressant Family: What Families...
The rate of depression is rising in the United States and elsewhere around the world.Ê According to the World Health Organization (WHO), depression is currently the fourth greatest cause of human suffering and disability. This webinar presentation will explore the substantial evidence that depression is much more a social than medical problem. Despite the popularity of antidepressants, there are things that no amount of medication can do, including building the skills necessary to function well as individuals and as a family. Dr. Yapko will identify how depression distorts family life, and how to address the various aspects of family life tainted by depression realistically. Designing and delivering experiential processes specific to treating depression within an interpersonal framework will be explored in depth. Finally, we will consider the issue of prevention and what MFTs can do to help stem the rising tide of depression in families.
1/1/2013 - 12/31/2050


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