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Standards and Policy

Accreditation Standards Version 11
Accreditation Standards Version 12 (Eff. 1/1/2016)
Accreditation Manual

Standards Interpretation Guide (Version 11) Provides a rubric for a program’s response to each key element and includes examples of evidence.

Professional Marriage and Family Therapy Principles (PMFTPs) Programs may select a combination of any principles.

Understanding Version 11 Standards Discusses the Cycle of Assessment and links to specific key elements.

Accreditation Process

 Accreditation Fees   Accreditation Process Timeline
Accreditation Process Information General Overview of the Accreditation Process providing requirements to initiate the accreditation process and submission requirements

Renewal of Accreditation Forms Forms to be submitted during the Renewal of Accreditation process

Initial Accreditation Forms Forms to be submitted during the Initial Accreditation process

Accreditation Maintenance

Maintenance of Accreditation Forms for programs to demonstrate continuing compliance with COAMFTE standards. (Annual Report, Special Report, Request for Extension, Substantive Change, Plan for Closure, etc.)


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COAMFTE Accreditation Workshop 2015

(Thursday, September 3; 8:30 – 3:30 p.m.; AAMFT Annual Conference, Austin, TX): Whether you are interested in applying for accreditation for the first time or seeking renewal of accreditation, this workshop will provide you with essential information on the new Accreditation Standards Version 12 to prepare a successful Self-Study. This workshop offers programs the exclusive access to hear directly from the Commission on Accreditation and engage in an interactive small group training exercise to learn about the application of the standards.

2014 Accreditation Workshop: How to Prepare a Successful Self-Study PP PowerPoint Slides from a recent workshop at the Annual Conference focused on the Accreditation process and creating a Self-Study

2014 Accreditation Workshop: Logistics PP PowerPoint Slides from a recent workshop at the Annual Conference focused on the logistics of the accreditation process

COAMFTE Adopts a New Mission Statement

At the Fall 2014 COAMFTE meeting, the Commission adopted a new mission statement. Read the mission statement here.

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News & Actions

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