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AAMFT and its Divisions are involved in advocating for the interests of MFTs at the state level. AAMFT’s Divisions advocate for recognition of MFTs by state-licensed insurance companies and state Medicaid plans. Divisions also work to add MFTs as eligible providers in state employee health plans and in the public schools. Below is some useful information about these topics.

Medicaid: Medicaid is the largest provider of mental health services in the United States. Most states now have at least some recognition of MFTs within their Medicaid programs. The following fact sheet developed by AAMFT provides a brief overview of Medicaid, as well as the current status of MFTs as Medicaid providers.


SEHP: All states offer some form of health benefits for eligible state employees and their dependents. Approximately 3.4 million state employees and retirees are covered by a state employee health plan. The AAMFT has developed the following fact sheet concerning these plans and the role of MFTs within these plans.


State Job Classification: State governments are a major employer of mental health professionals. In general, a state job classification for MFTs must be created before state agencies can hire MFTs to serve as MFTs within state government. The following fact sheet developed by AAMFT provides a brief overview on how state job classifications are created, as well as information on current state job classifications for MFTs.


MFTs in the School: School mental health services are an important component of mental health coverage for children, and public school districts directly employ mental health professionals to perform these vital services. 

Vendorship: In a majority of states, MFTs have achieved recognition under state Freedom of Choice (Vendorship) and Any Willing Provider laws. These laws require certain health plans to reimburse MFTs for providing mental health services covered by the plan. The following fact sheet developed by AAMFT provides an overview of MFT recognition under these laws in each state.

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Act on Federal MFT Issues- Contact Congress Now
capwizYou can quickly contact your Members of Congress on Federal Issues.

Federal Issues

AAMFT is involved in many federal initiative including Medicare, VA, DoD and K-12 among many others. Learn more about these initiatives by clicking the read more link.

Private Payer Information

AAMFT and its Divisions work to increase the recognition of MFTs as eligible providers with private health insurance plans and other private payers. This effort to increase MFT access to private health plans involves both advocating for laws requiring plans to recognize MFTs and advocating directly for MFT recognition with these payers.

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