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Division Email Blast Policy

The AAMFT works very hard to gather and maintain current e-mail addresses for our members. We do not sell or distribute email addresses of our members to anyone outside the Association. Further, we try to be very judicious in emailing our members, so that they do not consider AAMFT as a “spammer” and block emails from coming from either AAMFT or our divisions.  Overuse of these e-mails can discourage members from receiving or reading messages from the association.  We ask you to please be mindful of these considerations as you use the program and keep your contacts limited and targeted.

The division blast e-mail program is a useful resource for improving communications between divisions and their members. The division blast e-mail program was created by AAMFT to assist division leaders in communicating with their members.  The program is for division use only, and is not permitted for personal use. We ask that Division leaders who use the program must be respectful of member’s time and resources, and be judicious in all contacts. Divisions should limit messages to those that are necessary, and schedule them so as to not overwhelm or overburden members. 

In order to retain access to the program, Division leaders using the blast e-mail program must comply with the following guidelines:

  • Messages must be for legitimate division purpose. No personal messages may be sent through the blast e-mail system.  Messages should be sent by division presidents and/or selected staff only.
  • Messages must be sent to your own division members. Division leaders seeking to promote events or issues to members of other divisions must obtain approval and request dissemination from the other division’s leaders.
  • Those divisional leaders who have approved messages for their membership should then forward messages they approve to their members. In no case should a division leader send messages to a division other than his or her own.
  • Divisions should send no more than one message per week to division members. Under limited circumstances more messages may be appropriate, but division leaders should obtain approval from the AAMFT staff prior to such consecutive blasts.
  • Divisions should not forward or repeat messages sent to the membership from AAMFT, unless AAMFT has requested such an action.
  • Divisions may not use the blast e-mail to promote events or initiatives that are inconsistent or conflict with the mission, policies or procedures of the division or the AAMFT.
  • Division leaders may not send information through the blast e-mail program that includes immoral, unethical, illegal, defamatory or other inappropriate or offensive content.
  • Division leaders may not use the blast e-mail program to create dissention, conflict or upheaval among AAMFT members.
  • While AAMFT or division events or opportunities may be announced, under no circumstances should any other organization’s events for programs be marketed or promoted through this service.
  • The AAMFT reserves the right to edit or refuse dissemination of any message sent through the blast e-mail program, or to remove a division’s access to the program should violations of this policy occur.

We hope that you will use this program wisely to advance the agenda of your division. We also ask you to consider how your communications fit into the broader goals of the association.

Approved November 2004