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Professional Development Resources

There are additional resources available from the AAMFT that may be useful to AAMFT Approved Supervisors and supervisor candidates. AAMFT members receive a discount on the purchase of publications and training videotapes produced by the AAMFT. For information, refer to the AAMFT online store or contact AAMFT at (703) 838-9808.

Practice Management Forms: Tools for the Business of Therapy is a collection of over 100 forms in both paper copy and on a PC-compatible compact disc. Several of the forms are specifically for use in MFT supervision. Utilizing the CD, users can fill out the forms electronically.

The Readings in Family Therapy Supervision: Selected Articles from the AAMFT Supervision Bulletin is a compilation of articles from 12 years of the AAMFT Supervision Bulletin, a newsletter no longer being published. This book includes chapters about models of supervision, developing a philosophy of supervision, and contextual issues.

The AAMFT has published two books about marriage and family therapy ethics, both of which address issues that arise in supervision. The User’s Guide to the AAMFT Code of Ethics uses vignettes to discuss the principles of the AAMFT Code of Ethics. Ethics in Marriage and Family Therapy discusses contemporary ethical issues in therapy and supervision.

The Family Therapy Glossary, 3rd edition, offers definitions for words and concepts used in family therapy. This book is a useful tool for supervisors and supervisees, and offers a common language for discussing therapeutic issues.

Effectiveness Research in Marriage and Family Therapy is an excellent resource for supervisors to use with trainees. The book is a collection and discussion of the most current research about problems commonly seen in family therapy, such as substance abuse, conduct disorders, domestic violence, and mental illness.

AAMFT also sponsors the following websites, with valuable information for MFT clinicians and supervisors:

• www.aamft.org - The AAMFT website you are currently viewing contains a list of pre-approved supervision courses. It also contains information about all of the AAMFT products and conference events, and contact information for MFT licensing boards, AAMFT divisions, and COAMFTE-accredited graduate programs. A PDF version of the entire Approved Supervisor Designation Standards and Responsibilities Handbook and online applications for AAMFT membership can also be found on our website.

FamilyTherapyResources.net is a searchable collection of articles, audio/videotapes and books about a variety of family therapy topics, including clinical supervision. The site includes articles from the Journal of Marital and Family Therapy and the Family Therapy Magazine, and books written by AAMFT members. AAMFT members have unrestricted access to all articles on the site.

TherapistLocator.net is AAMFT’s consumer-oriented website. The site includes a collection of essays about a variety of problems affecting families, as well as a searchable database of AAMFT Clinical Members. The listings indicate those members who are also AAMFT Approved Supervisors. Members can personalize their listing to include a description of their therapy and supervision practice, and a photograph of themselves. The site is a useful tool for marketing one’s practice, as well as for networking and making referrals to other professionals.



Supervisor Directory

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy (AAMFT) is providing this Approved Supervisor Directory (Directory) as a benefit for AAMFT members only. Access to and use of this Directory or any of the information contained in this Directory by persons who re not members of AAMFT is prohibited.  


clinical member logoOver 15,000 marriage and family therapists are listed in TherapistLocator.net. The therapists are Clinical Members of the AAMFT, and as such must meet stringent training and education requirements established by the AAMFT. All AAMFT Clinical Members have agreed to abide by the AAMFT Code of Ethics. This Directory will assist you in locating a marriage and family therapist in your area. When seeking the services of a marriage and family therapist be sure to ask if your potential therapist is a Clinical Member of the AAMFT or look for the following logo identifying a Clinical Member of the AAMFT.

Visit the AAMFT TherapistLocator.net, a public service of the AAMFT. There you will find information about a range of problems facing today's families, and you can search for a qualified family therapist in your area.


If you have questions or wish to request materials, contact:

American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
112 South Alfred Street
Alexandria, VA 22314
Email: central@aamft.org
Phone: 703-838-9808
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