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Advanced Clinical Training

March 2 - 6, 2011 

Santa Fe, NM

As a marriage and family therapist, we know that you are interested in finding excellent professional development opportunities. This year’s AAMFT Institutes is sure to meet your expectations with workshops on important topics ranging from sex therapy to play therapy, and the popular Supervision Refresher course. Each of the seven workshops offered this year will provide you with an opportunity to learn and share with some of the top clinicians in the field as well as network with colleagues from all over the world. We are pleased to offer the following workshops:

The Approved Supervisor Refresher Course with Mary Hotvedt, Ph.D.

Mary HotvedtMarch 2, 2011
To maintain the highest quality supervisors in the field, the AAMFT requires AAMFT Approved Supervisors to take a 5-hour refresher course prior to the renewal of their designation. This one-day course is designed specifically to meet that requirement and to keep participants on the cutting edge of clinical supervision practice.




A Crash Course In Marriage and Family Therapy with Thorana Nelson, Ph.D.

Thorana NelsonMarch 3-6, 2011
Marriage and family therapy has become the treatment of choice for a number of behavioral health problems including substance abuse, childhood behavior problems, and marital distress. Research has shown that MFT is an effective intervention, often outperforming individual treatments. In this Institute participants will not only learn about the cutting-edge of marriage and family therapy interventions, but also the foundational models that support many of these newer approaches.




Being A Creative Therapist with Bradford Keeney, Ph.D.

Bradford KeeneyMarch 3-6, 2011
Clinical work is rarely referred to or examined as an art form. Therapy often focuses on problems, solutions, or interpretative narratives. Yet, therapists are often called to be creative, intuitive, healing and artistic. How can we tap into our creativity and personal ability to offer healing and truly help our clients? How can we hone the natural/primal skills we have in an effort to push past theory and reach our full potential?

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Family Play Therapy, Eliana Gil, Ph.D.

Eliana GilMarch 3-6, 2011
Play has universal appeal to children and it is their preferred mode of communication. Using play they express themselves, learn new skills, problem-solve, and it is also quite often where they feel the most comfortable and safe. Yet to imagine that children are the only people who can benefit from play is short-sighted and limiting. Adults and older youth can also feel themselves drawn to play activities and may find it a much easier and protected way to communicate and reach out to each other. In these hectic times, with many adult demands, play therapy can be a useful way of giving all family members an opportunity to convene, play, talk, and enjoy each other’s company while addressing difficult topics.

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Step and Blended Families with Ruth Morehouse, Ph.D.

Ruth MorehouseMarch 3-6, 2011
Remarriage provides an opportunity for a fresh start in life but is often fraught with conflicting loyalties, integrity struggles over differing values, and emotional fusion between parents and children. Effectively dealing with these high intensity issues requires therapists to be firmly grounded in systemic thinking and to use a therapeutic approach that can be applied equally effectively to couples, children, the entire new nuclear family and the increasingly complex extended family system. The Crucible Approach®, a differentiation based therapy, provides a reliable framework for understanding step family dynamics and facilitates successfully working through varied issues ranging from parenting styles, conflict with biological parents, sexuality, intrusive in-laws, and developing non-traditional family units.




The Science of Love and Intimacy with Pat Love, Ph.D.

Pat LoveMarch 3-6, 2011
It's not your imagination, twenty-first century love relationships are more difficult to maintain. While 90% of young people still say that marriage is in their long-term plans, if trends continue, only half will be able to achieve that goal. Marriage as an institution, as well as long term committed relationships, is more difficult to maintain because (1) expectations are higher; (2) commitment is lower; and (3) challenges are more plentiful. Fortunately, neuroscience is quickly providing answers and strategies for helping.

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The Fundamentals of Supervision with Bruce Kuehl, Ph.D.

Bruce KuehlMarch 2-6, 2011 **This course is now CLOSED**
This 30-hour intensive program is designed to fulfill the complete course requirement for the AAMFT Approved Supervisor designation, and satisfies the supervisory training requirements for many state laws. This course begins on Wednesday, March 2 and runs through 5:00pm on Sunday, March 6.






The Institute registration fee includes handouts, a Welcome and Closing Reception, a continental breakfast on class days (beginning on March 3), and continuing education verification. For your convenience, there are four easy ways to register for the AAMFT Institutes for Advanced Clinical Training.

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Hotel & Travel

La Fonda on the Plaza is not only a beautiful hotel, but also a vibrant, historic Santa Fe landmark. The La Fonda hotel is surrounded by history and art museums, plus a wide variety of shops, galleries, and historic churches.

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