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Letter to Hawaii Board- May 2, 2011


May 2, 2011
Dr. Kai Swigart
P.O. Box 2120
Honolulu, HI 96805-2120

Dear Kai:

Earlier today, I received a copy of an email sent by the Hawaii Division Board of Directors to the membership of the Hawaii Division. This email was sent to the membership on Thursday, April 28th.

In the first part of the message, it states that before the HAMFT Board drafted the message, the HAMFT Board met with me “to insure that our information is as accurate and current as possible.” I spoke with you on Wednesday, April 27th concerning transitional issues. I have not spoken with any other HAMFT Board members concerning these issues. The body of the message lists what it claims are “general areas of concerns expressed by members and our response.” Among the listed items, it states that “(t)his email blast breached AAMFT's policy of membership confidentiality and is an illegal use of confidential and privileged information.” The message also states that the email blast was an “illegal communication.”

As you know, during our conversation, I never stated or claimed that the email blast that the HAMFT Board’s email is referring to was either illegal or a breach of any AAMFT policy. By referencing me in the call, the HAMFT Board’s message implies that AAMFT has determined that the email blast was illegal and/or in violation of AAMFT policy. At least one HAMFT member read the HAMFT Board’s message and assumed that AAMFT had determined that the email blast was illegal. AAMFT has not made any such determination.

In order to avoid providing misleading and/or confusing messages to the membership, the HAMFT Board of Directors should immediately cease and desist from sending any erroneous messages and false allegations stating or implying AAMFT positions. For example, under the heading “AAMFT impeachment,” the statement “AAMFT could have impeached the Board, but they did not” is completely erroneous. Only members of the Hawaii Division of AAMFT can impeach officers, AAMFT as an organization (Board or Corporation) cannot impeach officers of a division.


Roger D. Smith, J.D.
Senior Attorney
American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy.

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